Romance University Lecture Schedule for October 4 – 8, 2010

Blond-ism: The Biased Against Fair-Haired Heroes
October 1, 2010
To Series or Not to Series with Cindy Spencer Pape
October 4, 2010

We’ve got a fabulous line-up at RU this week! We’ll discuss query writing, good reasons why you should write every day, and talk about our favorite craft books. We hope you’ll join us for an informative and enlightening week. Hope to see you there!


Crafting Your Career: C.J. Redwine returns for another installment of Query Writing 101.


Anatomy of the Mind: The mistress of the GIAM 100×100 loop, Joann Banker, talks about why writing every day is a good idea.


Chaos Theory of Writing: Wanna know what craft books the RU Faculty thinks are top notch? Kelsey Browning hosts a discussion on books as a resource to improve your writing. Stop by and tell us your fave and you’ll be eligible to win one of the faculty’s recommended books!

All Romance University lectures are generously provided by our Visiting Professors. RU is a tuition-free zone!

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