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June 27, 2015
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June 29, 2015

Summer is getting hotter and so are our wolves. When Violet discovers her Shadow, everything changes…

Violet’s Shadow (Shadow Mates #1) by
Jennifer Kacey 

spent her entire life aching to belong and she finally finds it in the pack of
Shadows she is destined to join. Everything she’s ever wanted in life and love
is finally at her fingertips if she’s brave enough to embrace…her Shadow. 


Clare slammed the flimsy wooden door to her cabin, then threw the lock. It was
somewhere around an inch of steel away from comforting. Retreating while
keeping her eyes trained on the only entry point, she strained to identify what
she could do to avoid the inevitable if the animal wanted in. With only moonlight
illuminating the cabin she tried to convince her heart to evac out of her
throat and settle into a more subdued rhythm. Instead, it had a mind of its
own, and continued on the Jesus, Mary and what the fuck gravy train it was
currently joy riding atop.
was out there. Chasing after her. She’d seen him. Not him. It. A shadow. Or a
wolf. Both?
least she thought it was a wolf. But wolves weren’t so damn big and they sure
as hell weren’t born with red, almost glowing eyes…
the almost part.
on the what the fuck part.
just a dream,” she whispered, trying desperately to stop shaking. “Only another
dream. And I’m going to wake up. I am.”
her head didn’t work. Squeezing her eyes shut did nothing, but freak her out
the cabin, in the shadows of the huge pine trees—no from the shadows of
the trees a wolf had appeared. Watching her. It was like something out of a
children’s book. Not moving a single muscle but she knew every fiber of his
being was ready to…what?
Attack. Seduce?
A high-pitched giggle, the love child of her frayed nerves and anticipation,
bubbled out until she slapped a hand over her mouth.
nut house, Batman! Her mother had told her for as long as she could remember to
get her head out of the clouds. Fairytales weren’t real and the sooner she
learned to live in the real world the better off she’d be. At twenty-five, she
still couldn’t seem to get that one right.
someone needed a random prediction of the future she couldn’t control? She was
their girl. For as long as she could remember, she experienced
foresight—visions which came true. Every. Single. Time.  She’d been hiding her freaky ability since
the first time she’d made the mistake of telling her mother something she knew
was going to happen. When her predictions came true, her mom had been furious.
Violet’s backside still stung when she thought about how angry her Mom had
been. Scared even. So she’d tried to act the part. Perfect daughter. Perfect
student. Perfect employee. Living a lie in the real world? It didn’t fit her so
well. Never had.
what if her dreams were true? She shook her head again as she continued to
retreat from the door. Not possible. It’s just not possible. A wolf with
red eyes appearing right outside a cabin she’d rented and only one other person
knew she was at.
travel agent promised her a remote, picturesque secluded getaway located in the
middle of a protected forest in East Texas. Perfect for a couple weeks of rest
and relaxation in the summer where nature walks abound and it was almost
expected to sunbathe for hours—all described in the brochure. Didn’t say
anything about creatures stalking her in the forest or appearing out of thin
fucking air.
beautiful there,” the travel agent told her as she’d booked Violet’s flights
from where she lived in Destin, Florida. “It will be a trip to remember. Fresh
air, sunshine, and you’ll be surrounded by wild flowers.”

flowers my ass,” Violet murmured as she finally hit the far wall. Being jarred
out of her inner monologue, she ran clammy hands across the wood behind her. A
weapon wasn’t forth coming along the wall as her heart got good and comfy on
its seat on the holy shit train to freakoutville.

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