Saturday Smackdown: Beckett versus Dallas

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February 18, 2011
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February 22, 2011

Literary cops are an enticing breed! Two years ago when Castle debuted, I took one look at the then very shorthaired Stana Katic (actress who portrays Kate Beckett on Castle) and thought Eve Dallas! She was long-legged, rangy, tough and didn’t put up with bull. Like Eve, she had tragedy in her background, being a cop is ingrained into the fabric of her identity and she doesn’t have a lot of patience for fools. The cops that surround them are very much apart of the story as the cases they solve.

Castle: The Complete First Season

Of course, Beckett has Castle and Eve has Roarke, but not looking for a smackdown between the fine men of New York so much as New York’s finest. So here’s a quick rundown:


Eve Dallas gained notoriety not only for being the leading face in investigating homicides in 22nd century New York, but also for marrying the mysterious and wildly rich Roarke. As Roarke’s wife, Eve gets top billing on the society page.

Kate Beckett gained notoriety when best selling author Richard Castle took an interest in basing his next book on the detective. For Beckett, the author’s interest was a mixed blessing, she’s a fan, but he drives her crazy.


Eve and Roarke work together more often than not on her cases particularly the sick ones where Eve is targeted. Roarke is extremely protective. They’ve had their rough patches, but Eve and Roarke have established a good balance.

Treachery in Death
Treachery in Death

Beckett and Castle work together, at first because her Captain made her work with him. It took time, but trust has built between the pair and after three seasons, they’ve become real partners.

Supporting Cast

Eve is balanced by her partner Peabody and relationships with Mira, Feeney and more. The patchwork quilt of characters that make up the NYPD are as vital to Eve as her relationships with Charles, Mavis and more.

Beckett’s got the Captain, Esposito and Ryan as well as best friend Lanie (the medical examiner). Beckett’s all established relationships within the FBI and locally that come and go.

Character Foils

Heat Wave
Heat Wave

Not everyone in Eve’s life is perfect, her relationship with Somerset (Roarke’s foster father and butler) is one of love/hate and makes for some great comedic moments. Despite his initial misgivings, Somerset is happy that Eve makes Roarke happy, but he still gives her hell.

For Beckett, her relationship with Martha (Castle’s diva mother) is definitely amusing, but not for the same love/hate. Martha likes Kate for Kate and would more than welcome her into Castle’s life.


They’ve both had their share of crazy cases. Eve typically catches some of the toughest homicides because she is the best in her division. As for Beckett, Esposito comments in the pilot episode of Castle that she has a thing for the freaky ones. Between them, they’ve worked on:

• Serial killer cases
• Family murders disguised as something else
• Cases involving clones
• Cases involving magicians
• Cases that target the cops themselves

Haunted By Their Pasts

This is the toughest category, because as much as Beckett is haunted by solving her mother’s murder, she knew she was loved. Eve has no such recollections of her mother and even worse ones of her father. Abused by her father, Eve killed him at the age of 8, but that memory has haunted and informed her, her entire life. Both are the cops they are because of the tragedies in their past.

Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)
Naked in Death

Eve and Beckett are the best at what they do, so now it’s time for you to decide. Who is your winner for this week’s Saturday Smackdown? Winner’s choice to choose between a Nikki Heat (the books based on Beckett) or an In Death (about Eve) book.

Don’t forget to make sure I know how to contact you in case you win.

Last week’s smackdown only had one comment, so I’m leaving it open for just a few more days! I have a couple of outstanding gift cards to send out, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. Winners will be receiving them by the end of the week!

So let’s go people – it’s Beckett versus Dallas – who is your favorite cop and why?


  1. Eve all the way! I love Castle. I like Kate. But, 25 or so books read, Eve is part of my heart.

    I thinks she makes a better cop because she still has that edgy, everyone is a suspect, attitude. You also pretty regularly get to see Eve physically defend herself, and sometimes she ends up bruised and battered.

    Kate seems to have softened recently. And when we do see her get physical (other than the bombing in her apartment) she barely even gets a hair out of place 🙂

  2. Riva says:

    You had to make this a hard one! I adore both Eve and Kate, but I think I'm going to have to choose Kate. Not so much of any difference between the two, but because Castle is one thing that my husband and I can share – he doesn't like the "In Death" books. That may not be a fair way to make the choice, but I truly can't decide between the two.

    dulcibelle [at] earthlink [dot] net

  3. alba says:

    Since I have now read anything about Eve I have to go with Beckett.
    I adore the match with Castle & Kate bit also with her other co- workers, never miss a show.
    have a good one Ann.

  4. Pamk says:

    I am going with Eve. I think with her issues that she has had it harder. and she gets to listen to Roark's accent lol.
    Never seen Castle. If it come on my TV I might get hubby to watch but probably not. He's not too fond of cop shows.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  5. Calila1988 says:

    I have to go with Eve. While I enjoy Kate on Castle she doesn't draw me in and make me care like Eve does. After reading all the In Death books… I feel like I know Eve and root for her more.

    calila1988 @ yahoo . com

  6. I love Castle, don't get me wrong, but Eve Dallas could take her anytime. I've been reading the In Death series for years and I never get tired of it.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  7. I love Castle and Beckett but at 30+ books, Eve and Roarke will kick ass for years before C & B are in their league.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  8. Eve could take Kate down before breakfast. And Roarke is the perfect fantasy man. I love watching Castle, and I'm sure part of it is because it reminds me of Eve.

    And I love Eve's endearing bewilderment at social customs and feminine behavior.