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It’s the return of the Saturday Smackdown and our inaugural match of the year (don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you have smackdowns you want to see in the future). In the meanwhile, today’s smackdown takes on my favorite vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore versus their new nemesis, the werewolves. Vampires versus werewolves is hardly a new item in the genre, where you have vampires, you typically have wolves and both are heroes that bite. But what happens when they put the bite on each other?

Juicy stories galore!

Great Vampire versus Werewolf Tales

Love it or hate it, Twilight reminded us just how big and bad a fight between werewolves and vampires can be. If you head over to Louisiana and Charlaine Harris territory, you know that the vamps aren’t all that worried about the wolves. After all, Eric took out several without trying, but in the romance department he’s had to compete with Alcide, a werewolf and a certain white tiger for Sookie’s affection. So while their fights may not always get physical, they do get entangled.

Bitten: A Novel (Women of the Otherworld, Book 1)
Dark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark, Book 5)
Dark Desires after Dusk

As for Kelley Armstrong, her wolves, particularly Clay, Elena and Jeremy are pretty damn tough and the vampires they have run into are just as tough. With the exception of Cassandra, most don’t elicit the smackdown desire (though who didn’t want Elena to pop Cassandra a time or three?).

Over in Underworld territory, the war between vampires and lycans raged for centuries until Selene found love in a most unexpected place, but that war dates back to the match with Lucian and the death of the vampire princess that loved him.

Take a swing by Kresley Cole and her Lore-kind and you’ll see that the heat between vampires and lykaes is still thick, but they are having to work on new alliances, particularly when lykae and forebearers are marrying themselves off to the Valkyrie. Bowen versus Conrad, anyone? That would be a wild fight.

Bringing the Bite to Mystic Falls

Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have brought that bite to Mystic Falls. We’ve met Mason (and watched him die), we’ve met Jules (and watched her attack Rose) and we’ve seen the agony of Tyler’s change (watched over by a compassionate Caroline), but more wolves are coming. Wolves that don’t like vampires and there’s this little matter of the Sun and Moon Curse floating around. 

Damon and Stefan are tough guys, but in a throw down with the wolves on a full moon, they may hsve more than met their match. So tell me, what do you think will happen? What do you want to happen? And who gets your vote for this smackdown? Oh and for bonus points, what is your favorite vampire versus werewolf tale? Come on, you can tell me.

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  1. Margay says:

    I don't watch Vampire Diaries, so I can't comment on that. The only vampire vs. werewolf story I can think of right now is the Twilight series and the fight between them was pretty intense at times.

  2. Jaime Z says:

    Werewolves always win in my mind. Especially when Clay is involved! My favorite Were vs Vamp story would be Gail Carriger's Parsol Protectorate Series, starting with Soulless.

  3. Cindy L says:

    I was sad that they killed off Mason! Loved him. I'm having withdrawals and can't wait until VD comes back on Thursday. You know the Salvatore brothers are going to come out on top.
    As far as favorite tale, I'll have to go with Edward vs. Jacob love triangle.

  4. Pamk says:

    Haven't seen this tv show but I think that the werewolfs will win in that smackdown.
    Kresley cole's vamps verus her lycans would be a great fight.

  5. alinaduffer says:

    In my world the Vampires always win, lol! Not that I dont love the werewolves, but the Vamps are just hotter, lol! Give me Edward, Angel or the Salvatore brothers anyday! I must say I wish VD would have kept Mason around a while longer, but thats the way things work. But I must say my favorite Vampire Werewolf triangle is Edward, Bella and Jacob!

  6. Heather Long says:

    Congrats to PamK, your comment won the drawing for the $10 gift card from Amazon! Be sure to drop me a note with the email addy so I can get that winging on its way to you

  7. Pamk says:

    I am trying to send you an email but cannot find the email addy lol. Please send my gc to scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com Thanks for the win. Fun giveaway.

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