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August 11, 2010
RWA2010 – Post Mortem
August 13, 2010

I was going to share more about Nationals today, but I have a short announcement to make first.  Seismic Evil, the sequel to Prime Evil is officially under contract.  No details on a release date yet, but it will be released to ebook and print.  Here’s a little teaser about the novel!  You can pick up your copy of Prime Evil in ebook form from wherever ebooks are sold including ARe, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and from Sapphire Blue Publishing direct.

In the meanwhile, here’s a little blurb to tide you over!

Seismic Evil

Hedge Witch Chance Monroe is sure that she’s allergic to risk. She has three problems: Because she is a hedge witch and bound to the land, Chance doesn’t lead a safe existence, her abilities to literally shake the earth have inherent risks, and her ex-lover is determined to be a complication she doesn’t need.   Earthquakes throughout the region damage bridges and roads, leave masses injured, and create havoc for Chance’s mental stability as well as her powers.

When the earth shudders, Chance trembles. When the earth bucks from pressure, Chance bruises. When the earth cracks, Chance bleeds. And when Ava, a witch with her sights on driving Chance insane, manipulates the earthquakes to break Chance’s magical and spiritual bond to the earth, Chance faces her greatest fight. A fight for her life and the land that nourishes her power. Chance has the support of powerful friends and the passion of a determined ex-lover backing her, but if Ava succeeds, thousands could die.

Even in success, Chance could die.


  1. lynnrush says:

    Awesome! Congrats. How exciting!!

  2. Sandy Wills says:

    I am totally intrigued by that blurb!

  3. Kimberly Quinton says:

    Hip Hip Hoorraayyy!! I can't wait to buy my copy! 🙂

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