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October 22, 2015
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October 26, 2015

It all started with Travis, in a diner–in New Jersey.
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Then Cyrus met Betsy, and everything changed.
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Beaux had to find Lake, and together they discovered an ancient truth.
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The world of the Fallen Alphas is in flux. It’s changing, every day. Now they are all looking for Savage as the hunt for the Alpha Prime continues.

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Savage Chaucer is bored. 
Bored with being the Alpha of the San Francisco werewolf pack. Bored
with politics. And even bored with the females in heat who frequent his dark
and dirty sex club.  Savage craves change
and lusts for excitement.  When the
innocent, naive-looking Sydney Dyke wanders into his club, Savage’s cravings
are answered.
Sydney is the protected daughter of lone wolves, wolves who
know nothing of how Savage runs his pack. 
Sneaking off to experience cravings of her own, Sydney finds herself
intrigued by the mysterious Alpha. Knowing she only has a small amount of time
before she is fated to die at the hands of an ancient werewolf, who’s rumored
to no longer exist, Sydney vows to seek some excitement of her own.

While you’re waiting, check out Alpha’s Sacrifice and meet Hayden, Savage’s younger brother and discover another clue in the changes rocking their world…

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