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August 8, 2014
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August 13, 2014

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Forbidden Rescue

Fox Arada needs a
couple days off from the daily battle of his life. Instead? A terrified woman appeared
at his hotel door followed by the men trying to kill her. Fox—a kitsune, and
the best Watcher at Enoch, Kincaid, and
—reacts with deadly force against the men, but in doing so reveals his
secret to the woman. Now, they must both face the consequences of his forbidden
actions. Reluctant to kill or turn her in, he kidnaps her until he can
determine why she fascinates him.
Jubilee Spector wanted
her brother off drugs. Ratting out the local drug dealers and busting their
operation seemed like a good idea until one of them attacked her and she had to
run for her life. When the most gorgeous man she’s ever met cuts down the
dealer with tooth and claw, she’s introduced to a dark and dangerous world
where demons, nephilim and humans work together to preserve the balance between
heaven and hell.  

Neither knows that she
holds a secret so dangerous it will change the world of the Watchers forever… 
Want a sneak peek at Forbidden Rescue?


stared at the numbers of the elevator as they continued to climb. Why had she
gotten into an elevator going up? Worse,
why had she gotten into an elevator in which someone had pressed several upper
floor buttons at random? Damn kids. She needed to get to the first floor and
out of the hotel. When the elevator continued past the twentieth floor, her
stomach bottomed out. Fisting her hands, she bounced from her heels to her toes
and back again.
on. Come on.”
chant didn’t speed the elevator up, but, when it halted, she squeezed through the
doors before they’d finished opening and ducked out onto the twenty-seventh
looking one way and then the other, Jubilee dashed down the quiet hallway and
straight for the stairwell. Sweat slid down her spine, and her heart hammered.
Her old beat-up leather coat was too damn hot, but she didn’t dare take it off.
She needed her hands free.
God, she didn’t run into anyone in the hallway. Pushing the stairwell door open,
she paused and listened. Hearing nothing suspicious, she raced down the stairs
and winced every time her boots skidded on the metal lips. She was making an
ungodly amount of noise. A door thumped open below her, and she froze.
man’s voice snarled. “Go up,” she heard him say. Then he said something else,
but she couldn’t quite make out the words. She didn’t have to, though. She
recognized the voice. It was Andropov, her brother’s dealer and a cold-blooded
killer. If he caught her…well, she’d be lucky if all he did was slit her
that fucking bitch.”
she didn’t think she would be lucky. Footsteps pounded against the stairs. They
were coming up and getting closer.
Fuck Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck.
up the stairs, Jubilee tried to climb more quietly, but how the others couldn’t
hear the thunder of her heart she had no idea. One level up, she found the door
to the twenty-third floor and got it open. As soon as she put her feet on the
hallway carpet, she began running. An older couple, dressed in clothes that
probably cost more than she could make in a month, came around the corner ahead
of her, and she forced herself to walk. It didn’t surprise her when the woman
stared askance in her direction and the man nudged his wife to the side.
knew what they saw, what everyone saw—a scrawny girl with black spikey hair,
too much makeup, a hollow face with too-sharp cheekbones. Then there was the
black. From her lace top to her leather jacket, careworn jeans, and motorcycle
boots, Jubilee looked exactly what she was, a street rat who did not belong in
the expensive part of Manhattan.
Well, fuck them.
her chin, she kept a steady pace and strode down the hall. The elevator was a
bad idea but preferable to being in the stairwell with Andropov and his goons.
A ding sounded from ahead, and she halted. In the middle of the hallway, she
had nowhere to hide, and she dropped the relaxed act and darted down a cross
hall. The hotel was laid out like a big rectangle.
she made it to the next hall and around the corner before she glanced back.
men strode in her direction. She didn’t know who they were, but she recognized
the type.
to? All she saw behind her was another endless hallway filled with closed—and
to look back at her pursuers, she found them closing in. Stupid. Stupid.
Stupid. They’d seen her, and they broke into a run. Cursing, she spun and ran
like hell. She made it to the end of the hall and flung herself around another
corner. This would bring her right back to the first hall, and maybe she could
make it to the elevators.
hand fisted her jacket and yanked her backward. Screaming, she whirled and let
her momentum propel her into Thug Number One. He was huge, but she’d been
fighting bullies her whole life. Slamming her steel-reinforced boot down on his
foot, she was rewarded by his grunt, but he didn’t let her go. The other guy
was there, and he got hold of her around the middle. Kicking out with her legs,
she struck the first man over and over, finally landing the money shot.
was his turn to curse as he went down. Steel-toed boot to the junk had to hurt.
Her captor slammed her into the wall, and the world went spotty. Blood filled
her mouth, and she turned in time to catch the back of his hand across her
cheekbone. Pain exploded in her face, and she fell, but she was also free.
scrambled to her feet and started running.
bitch!” The man was after her again, but Clutches-his-Nuts was still on the
ground. Ahead of her, a door opened. Jubilee didn’t have time to think. She
hurtled straight toward it, squeezed through the opening, and slammed it shut
even as Thug Number Two hit the door bodily. The thud vibrated the wood.
things struck her at once. A very muscular Asian man wearing only a towel
filled her view, he was dangerous, and she was alone with him. She jerked her
gaze up from his rippling pecs to meet the most darkly handsome face she’d ever
seen. But his eyes…they were cool and appraising and fierce. Her stomach cramped,
and terror swamped her. He filled the room. His presence occupied every inch of
the available space.
Andropov and his goons scared her, this guy filled her with panic. She had to
get out of the room. Whirling, she grabbed the door handle and twisted. Somehow,
between dashing into the room and seeing its occupant, she’d forgotten how
close behind her pursuers had actually been.
two goons filled the doorway, and she was face to face with a gun.

going to die.

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