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July 2, 2009
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July 4, 2009

Today’s passionate love story looks at a pair of sexy superheroes: the Green Arrow and Black Canary. DC Comics characters Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are a well-matched couple who’s passionate love affair spans decades. Originally they met during a crossover story between two Earths. When Dinah’s husband was killed, Dinah Drake Lance moved from Earth 2 to Earth 1 where she and Oliver Queen eventually began a tempestuous affair.

Sexy Superheroes in Love

In the 1970s, when Oliver’s ward Roy Harper struggled with a heroin addiction, it was Dinah who was there. When Ollie lost his fortune, Dinah was there for him. Through their different incarnations Ollie’s hidden away children he had prior to his relationship (a painful blow to Dinah), was kidnapped the day of their wedding and replaced by a Everyman (whom Dinah killed on the honeymoon) and stepped out on her a time or two.

But Ollie’s flaws are also compounded by his great capacity for loving Dinah. They are passionate equals, which sets them apart from so many of their compatriots in the Justice League who are either involved with ordinary men and women, alter egos hidden away safely. Dinah and Ollie are equals. Dinah has meta-human powers with her sonic scream, yet it is her physical prowess in hand-to-hand combat coupled with Ollie’s eagle eye and sharp shooting that makes them the ideal partnership.

Love Times Three

After Dinah rescued Ollie from his imprisonment, they were finally wed in a ceremony that was nearly four decades in the making. Will married life settle them down into something resembling normalcy? I seriously doubt it. No matter how many times they are made over or rebooted within the DC Universe, this passionate love story repeats itself.

From their days of the JSA/JLA crossovers to the Green Lantern comics to Birds of Prey, Justice League Unlimited and now a real life run on Smallville, Green Arrow’s life wouldn’t be the same without a Black Canary.

Occasional pairings with other partners never last. The newly-marrieds are juggling a new ward in their lives, an extended family relationship (Roy, Lian and more) as well as Dinah’s position as tactical leader of the Justice League.

Justice League Unlimited: Suggestive Sparring

The chemistry between Ollie and Dinah is immediately evident in this scene of suggestive teasing and provocative flirting. Yes, Dinah needs his help, but she’s definitely interested.

Smallville: First Masked Meeting

On Smallville, Green Arrow (played by the delish Justin Hartley) comes face to face with this reality’s version of Black Canary.

Smallville: Oliver Queen Meets Dinah Lance

After switching sides mid-stream, Dinah’s no longer trying to bring Ollie to justice, now she’s going to work with him. Will sparks fly?

Crazy for Her

This video homage is a sweet nod to their passionate love story. These sexy superheroes continue to be sexy, in all their incarnations.

Next Week: We’ll be talking about paperback heroes — what we love about them, what makes them leap off the page and writing the heroes for our heroines.

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