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Three Galactic Holidays of the Future

the holidays is a very ancient tradition. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, the
festival of light, in late December and gave each other gifts. The Germanic
peoples of Northern Europe celebrated Yule and burned the Yule log to welcome
back the light. The ancient Slavic ritual of Koleda was a celebration of death
and rebirth. And of course Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ.
I wonder if
our ancestors could have imagined how we celebrate the holidays nowadays. A 100
foot high Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza, New York. Amazing lights strung
across Regent Street in London. Millions of dollars spent on holidays gifts.
People who spend hours decorating their homes and yards with hundreds of lights
and decorations.
Can you
imagine how we’ll celebrate hundreds or thousands of years into the future?
Wonder no
In A
GALACTIC HOLIDAY, you’ll see three different versions of future holidays:
In Stacy’s,
HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS, you’ll see Chicago of the future. There are
body modifications (the hero, Edison, has some serious bod-mods and some
serious sexiness), slick bikes that run on maglev tracks and very advanced
You’ll also
see a mysterious reverse Grinch who’s leaving “old-fashioned” Christmas trees
and gifts in people’s homes. And you’ll see rival police detectives Edison and
Reina rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.
In Sasha’s,
GALILEO’S HOLIDAY, you’ll see the icy moon of Galileo. There are deep space
tuggers, raider ships, a shield-protected station and scary cryptids.
You’ll see
how the hardy colonists celebrate Holiday. They bake cookies, read ancient
Holiday stories and know how to be thankful for all they have. You’ll see
loner, Riley adapt to being part of a community and fall for the sexy,
protective Leo.
In Anna’s,
WINTER FUSION, you’ll see the distant ice world of Perma. There they have
lingual implants, nanocoatings to stop ice melting, interstellar ships and
fusion crystals.
You’ll also
see how the Permans celebrate their important winter holiday of Yule. They
drink mulled wine, burn an ice Yule log and welcome back the light after a long
winter. You’ll see the hero, Savan—a man from a high-tech world with no
families—collide with Brinn and see what the holidays and family are all about.
So come and
join in our galactic holidays of the future!
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  1. Thanks so much for having the three of us on your blog Heather! You're a fan of super-heroes and space, too – Do you have any thoughts on holidays of the future? *HUGS*

  2. Anna Hackett says:

    Hi Heather – thanks for spotlighing A GALACTIC HOLIDAY and our futuristic holidays! Ooh, I like superheroes too.

  3. Heather Long says:

    Welcome ladies! Love that you could drop in and share your stories. Holidays in the future will always have a hint of nostalgia. I remember when nothing was open on the holidays and it was so quiet and peaceful outside. They've changed a great deal since I was a kid, yet the essence of them remains.

  4. Stacy Gail says:

    Thanks so much for having us over! Yup, even over past century the holidays have changed so much, but at its core it remains all about family and togetherness, and peace on whatever planet you happen to be on. ^_^ Doesn't that just give you the warm fuzzies?

    Thanks again, lady!

  5. Mary Preston says:

    Good to know what the future holds thank you. It is fascinating to think of past & future ways of celebrating.

  6. MattnLinda99 says:

    I really enjoy your blog!!

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