Six Sentence Sunday – Cassandra’s Dilemma

Holding Out for a Hero
February 23, 2012
Books on My TBR Pile – It’s Growing! It’s Growing!
February 29, 2012
This week’s six sentence Sunday takes  a look at the world changing events in Cassandra’s Dilemma recently released by Siren Publishing.  Two hard-headed heroes, one independent heroine and too many secrets to count.  Available exclusively at Siren-Bookstrand, but it will be released on third party sellers in a couple of weeks.
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Cassie shot a look over her shoulder, heart in
her throat. What could paint such an ugly expression on two beautiful men?
“What the hell?”
“Stay down,” Helcyon and Book barked
The situation might almost have been funny, but
malevolence oozed off the man—no, that wasn’t a man. It was a creature, a mass
of twisting, sinuous shadows—whatever it was. Eyes the color of pitch bored
into her, rooting through her soul, freezing her blood. 

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