Sixty Minute Sunday: Introducing bOOb Tube

Sexy Saturday: How Hot Is It In Texas?
September 29, 2012
Once Upon a Time Post Mortem – Broken
October 1, 2012

So as many of you know, I write a Vampire Diaries post-mortem following most new episodes during the season and that lovely feature will return in just a couple of weeks. I’ve also had some requests to do a Once Upon a Time post mortem, and no promises. However, a very dear friend of mine and I often talk all things speculative fiction, science fiction and paranormal TV and we’re collaborating on a new little project.  It’s a little sassy, a little funny and yes, I do go on at length about Vampire Diaries.

Check out Boob Tube!  More episodes to come!

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  1. lorimeehan says:

    That sounds fun to bad I've never seen those tv shows. I don't watch tv. But if I did I would love to hear your thoughts.

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