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March 23, 2013
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March 26, 2013

A Fistful of Dreams releasing April 2013

Flying K Ranch, Winter 1851

He righted the glass and turned his attention to the Colonel. Delilah’s heart hammered and she stared at the water glass. A brush of a hand against her left arm drew her away from the muffled cotton of her own mind and she glanced at Buck. He gave her a quick grin, a reassuring one and all the sound rushed back in.
 A few seconds passed since the Colonel’s question, but none volunteered any information.   “I didn’t think so,” he sighed and leaned back in his chair. “Adam MacPherson is Fevered, or so we believe. We only have a bare amount of intelligence on him and his actions. But one thing we do know—Harrison Miller worked for MacPherson. He visited with him numerous times in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.”
“So why not grab this MacPherson person?” Micah asked, hostility edging his tone. He’d nearly lost his wife to Miller’s attacks. They had lost Antonia and so many others.  
“Because we don’t know where he is. He appears and disappears at will and by the time we’re alerted to where he is, he’s usually long gone before we can get someone into his camp. We’ve tried to let him recruit our people but most end up dead. To our knowledge, only one person has ever met him face to face and can even identify him for us now.”
“Who?” Cody demanded.
Icy heat enveloped her. Father didn’t care for traitors. He never let them live. She swallowed, not daring to look up for fear the others would be staring at her.
“Me.” Jason leaned forward. “I’ve spent the last few years learning everything I can about him.”
She felt more than saw Buck jerk next to her. Conversation erupted around the table, voices raised and questions were shouted. She gaped at the man on her right—the man who offered her a chance at freedom.  Jason winked at her.
It’s okay. Trust me.
What choice did she have?


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    Sounds intriguing. Thanks for the excerpt.

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