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March 12, 2010
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March 14, 2010

Okay, confession time. I have never gone to Florida for Spring Break. I’ve never gotten drunk at a beach side bar at 3 am. I’ve never taken off my bikini top and danced on the beach (who are we kidding—I’ve never even worn a bikini top).

There was never any debate about where my college Spring Breaks were going to be spent. As soon as my last class finished I would dash to the airport and head back to New York to see my boyfriend. In my Freshman dorm at Duke, of the 100 students, I think 50 had Hometowns, as we called high school sweethearts. By Thanksgiving Break, most had broken up and by the end of Freshman year I think it was down to me and my friend Amede. (okay, if you lived in Hanes Annex that year and want to dispute my numbers, go ahead—I’m trying to be as accurate as I can). By the middle of sophomore year even Amede and his girlfriend had succumbed to the difficulties and pressures of long distance dating.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who married my Hometown.

What kept us together? Well, it helped that he had a beautiful deep voice. Since so much of our relationship was over the telephone, I’m not sure my affection would have remained if he’d been squeaky-voiced. And pure and simple, I think it was a profound love; a connection that to this day I can’t really put into words. I got lucky—I met my soulmate when I was 17 years old.

How does this help me as a writer? Well, every day I have a reminder of what it’s like to be a 17 year old in love. That infatuation you feel and the heart-skipping excitement. In a way, I got to relive it with Sam and Emmi in Change of Heart. I remember what it was like to wait desperately for someone’s phone call or how I felt when our eyes would meet and the whole world and all of your problems would disappear, even if only for that moment.

So do I regret never going to Florida for Spring Break? Not for a minute. In my eyes, New York was just as sunny on those March days and just as warm.

Happy Spring Break everyone!

What is your favorite spring break destination?

Author Shari Maurer is a young adult writer from New City, New York. My debut novel, CHANGE OF HEART, will be published by WestSide Books in the Spring 2010. You can visit her website to learn more about her.


  1. Aww, such a sweet post! I, personally, would love to go to New York for spring break because I enjoy cool weather and, of course, shopping. I have to admit I'm going to Florida this spring break (in two weeks) for Disney World though, which I absolutely love. I'm crossing my fingers to meet my soulmate at 17 too! 🙂

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  2. Lexie says:

    I admit I didn't go anywhere for my spring breaks either. I mean, I lived at home and commuted to school, but I didn't have a boyfriend until the latter half of my second year. I'd want to go somewhere overseas I think–London or Dublin or Venice. I'm not much for the party girl drunk times Spring Break and held an active dislike for the girls who would BRAG about how many guys they flashed during Spring Break.

    You're so lucky to have met your soulmate at 17!

  3. Wendy says:

    I don't really go anywhere for spring breaks, I live in Florida. 😉

  4. TheHeather says:

    Thanks for sharing, and congrats! I'm looking forward to getting lost in your book!

  5. I love going to the beach for Spring Break. Florida sounds delightful this time of year.

  6. The only place my family ever went for spring break was to visit relatives… and in college, I pretty much was supposed to go home and visit my parents. This year though, in April, I'm taking my first trip to Vegas which I am super excited about. Let's call it my spring break. =)

  7. Riva says:

    My first two college spring breaks I went home (central Texas). My last few college spring breaks (it took me more than 4 years to graduate and then I got my Masters) I was married. He taught, but high school and college spring breaks frequently didn't match up – so we usually stayed home.

  8. "Spring Break" is more of an American thing so I'm going to try and translate here (I'm in the UK). I guess you mean the Summer holidays. During university, I got a blood clot in my leg and was forced to pull out of a practice placement. I then had to make up my hours by working all over Summer. This was going to be the time when I looked at doing an elective placement somewhere 🙁 BUT…if I could go anywhere, it would be somewhere green with lots of forests and nature. This place is really cool (http://www.puzzlewood.net/). Failing that, the coast is second best (I love the ocean)


  9. Erica says:

    This year I'm not going anywhere for spring break – but next year I'm headed to Florida 🙂

  10. Kelly says:

    This year I'm not going anywhere during Spring Break. I never have gone anywhere! I don't have the money and my family always expects to me to come home. So I guess home would be my favorite destination. I like visiting with my family and relaxing. That's what Spring Break is for right?

  11. Kristen says:

    I have to admit never going anywhere on Spring Break for fun during high school. Mostly because that's when Band and Choir trips were and those were fun – but – my dad was one of the Band/Choir Directors. And I was a good kid. 😀

    I met my soulmate at 19. 🙂 I'm hoping as an adult I'll have some fun spring breaks.

    This year, I'm staying home. Actually, I'm doing a read-a-thon with my blog buddy and hopefully catching up on housework. 🙂

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Oh that book sounds beautiful and I have never fallen in love but I lovve reading books about Love and people finding there soul mate. Maybe some day I'll find mine 🙂
    This year for spring break I'm were going to plan my sisters baby shower its my first nephew:)

  13. Margay says:

    I've never gone on Spring Break, either, but if I did, I'd probably want to go to an island, like Bermuda or Aruba.

  14. Heather says:

    That's such a sweet story! Just by it I can tell your book is going to have me in tears. Can't wait!

  15. My favorite spring break destination is simple…home. There's nothing like returning to the family fold, familiar faces and feelings are a welcome change from the everyday!

  16. MannaB says:

    I absolutely loved Hawaii every time I went for spring break, it has a special place in my heart and I would go back there if only I had the money…

  17. Inked Books says:

    Well, I hate the beach, so my fave destination would probably be the mountains. I'f love to go to Japan though.

  18. Karen says:

    I've never been on a spring break either. I live in FL now and it gets crazy this time of year!
    I married me high school sweetheart also….so no need to go off partying 🙂

  19. bigferret says:

    I've never been on Spring Break, but if I were to go…I think I would head to Puerto Rico. I have fond memories of the beaches of San Juan.

  20. Jessy says:

    That was such a nice post. As long as it's sunny and warm, I don't care where I go.

  21. Casse says:

    I only remember going on one trip for spring break my entire like, it was tokyo disney. Thus that is my favorite location. We were living in Misawa and took a bus. It was so much fun!

  22. Brodie says:

    Awww, you've made me cock my head to the side, sigh contently and have 100% faith that I too am going to meet my soulmate one day because true love really does exist. That's so sweet! I'm so glad to hear your love has stood the test of time and distance 🙂

    Well I've personally never been on Spring Break since we don't have it here, but if I did I would so love to visit Italy! I know, I'm supposed to pick somewhere sunny and with beaches, but I am in love with Italy. It's gorgeous, historical and so fascinating.

  23. My favorite Spring Break destination that I've been to so far is a toss up between Florida and Montreal, two extremes, but you can do so much in both places. I love to do things and when I'm on vacation I'd rather be out being touristy than laying around on some beach, and Florida has some really awesome amusement parks, seriously I could happily spend a week at Disney, if not longer. Montreal, on the other hand, has Cirque Du Soileil (spelled wrong, I know), and is really lovely in spring time.

  24. CrystalGB says:

    Anywhere warm and with a beach. I think it is great that you found your soulmate at 17.

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