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April 21, 2010
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May 2, 2010

Some of the best characters in books and television are crazy – zany, off the wall, batnuts crazy! These characters are vivid, bright and leap off the page or the screen. They are not often the center of the story, but they dominate their time center stage, stage left, stage right and from time to time – even behind the scenes.

So who are these crazy kooks that I love so much?
Fringe: The Complete First Season
Dr. Walter Bishop, Fringe
Say what you want about the show Fringe (Fringe: The Complete First Season) and I can say plenty, Walter Bishop is one of the best reasons to watch it. He doesn’t begin to think in the same wavelength as the people around him. Yes, he spent 17 years in St. Claire’s Mental Hospital and has even had portions of his brain excised, but he delights in exploring the limits of science and beyond – and he keeps a cow in his laboratory so he can have fresh milk. 

Dr. Gregory House, House
House, M.D.: Season FiveWhat can you say about House except that when he committed himself at the end of last season because he was actually hallucinating everything from sex with Cuddy to seeing a dead Kutner and a dead Amber that the man would get even more wildly interesting as he battled his addictions and fought for his sanity? Did it make him a nice guy or even begin to excuse his behavior? Absolutely not and would we want it too?


The Doctor
Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth SeriesAre we seeing a trend here? Is it the medical profession? Well in the case of this Timelord, I don’t think it’s so much a profession as it is the fact that he’s 900 years old and literally, he’s seen it all. So he gets the craziest ideas, the zaniest responses and the wackiest villains.

Who are your favorite crazies?

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I watch Fringe every thursday, and I love it. It's not as good as J.J. Abram's other TV show, Alias, but it's still good. Walter, however, isn't my favorite crazy person, but I can't deny he adds a lot of flavor to the show!

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