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July 25, 2009
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July 27, 2009

This week for Sunday’s Snip and Clips, we’re talking teasers. Enjoy these opening paragraphs from Prime Evil, an urban fantasy coming from Sapphire Blue Publishing this fall:

The earth crumbled and fell down on her face. She closed her mouth to avoid swallowing any. Eyes closing, her hands scrambled against the sides. More earth fell in on top of her, blotting out the sun.

Dirt rapidly filled the hole. Someone shouted nearby. She started to open her mouth to call out when the earth pressed in on all sides. If she opened her mouth, it would fill with dirt. She would suffocate.


She must remain quiet.

Buried alive and silent.

A shiver raced up my spine. One hand on the doorknob, I breathed deeply. The taste of earth was on my tongue, the scent of it clogged my nostrils and sweat made my palms slippery. Slowly exhaling and inhaling, I counted my breaths. Pack the dream away, I told myself. Pack it away and deal with the here and the now.

The here consisted of a nearly two hundred year old farmhouse on the edge of Loudoun County. The now is early afternoon, just a few minutes after one in the afternoon. My client, Mr. Adams hired me to fix his problem. Gathering my composure, I stared at the closed slender door. The old Victorian style house, built in the early 1800s, possessed narrow door frames and solid construction. The door was all natural, sanded and varnished wood and warm to the touch.

I released the doorknob long enough to wipe the sweat on my jeans. Time to get to work; I opened the door to a smallish set of rooms located behind the pantry. Servants’ quarters, tucked away and discreet with easy access to the kitchen.

I stayed on the kitchen side of the doorway, better to spot potential trouble while I was still secure enough to shut the door on it. Flexing my fingers, I focused on stiffening my personal shields to keep any feelings or sensations in the room from penetrating my personal isolation. I wanted the information my five basic senses provided first. I’d ask the Earth for Her opinion momentarily.

The military uniforms stood at attention, literally Mr. Adams mentioned they’d walked off and apparently he meant it. The uniforms kept perfect formation, five wide and two deep, as though being worn by unseen bodies. Where their ‘feet’ should be, shoes were lined up in formation. The red strappy heels definitely did not match the formal blues.


  1. RKCharron says:

    What a great snippet.
    PRIME EVIL is now on my ToBeRead list.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Northern Ontario

  2. Heather Long says:

    Awww == thanks hon! Glad you liked it.

  3. Colleen says:

    Wonderful! And what better location than Loudoun County?? (Where I'm moving in a couple of years!) Ok now I've got to read this book when it comes out!

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