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November 8, 2009
NaNoWriMo: Safety and Acceptance
November 9, 2009

What a wild ride the last couple of weeks have been: NaNoWriMo, getting ready for a book launch, cars crashing through fences and more. Two weeks ago, I shared with you my fence, broken and shattered courtesy of a hit and run driver. The next day, the young lady in question along with her uncle came to apologize to us for the damage and to assure us they would take care of it. Low and behold a few days later, new fence – identical to what we had (only looking lots better) patched the whole. Hard to tell it happened now unless you look at the deep groove in the mud.

Yesterday, I was at the North Texas Two Step (more on that below) and having a fabulous time with writers Nikki Duncan, Kris Cook and more during Margie Lawson’s workshop (what a real kick in the pants that was!) and I come home after twelve hours of just packing my brain full of new information, ideas and tools to discover that my sister-in-law’s car was t-boned by another driver.

Three things to be grateful for: she was in the car with a friend and neither of her sons was with her, the car hit closer to the engine than the driver’s side or injuries could have been a lot worse and finally she has insurance, even if the other driver does not. So in less than two weeks, an impaired driver crashed through our fence and while another rushed through a red light, plowing into my sister-in-law’s car. I cannot stress enough the need for people to obey the traffic laws, don’t drive while you are drunk, exhausted or in some way impaired.

Okay, off my soap box and onto today’s Snips and Clips:

J.D. Robb’s Kindred in Death

I came home from my contract and there it was all shiny and new with that new book smell, fresh out of the box from Amazon. I had word count to make and more, but I flipped the book open and started reading. You see, 30 books in (more if you count all the short stories), I love to dive back into the world of Eve and Roarke. While typically I can’t read when I am writing (particularly the same genres), Robb’s work is set in the speculative future, fifty years from now with colonies on other planets and high tech. As usual, Robb delivered a fantastic procedural, but the opening case just broke my heart – it’s a horrible thing for any parent to go through and I could have gone my whole life without the graphic description, but that is the horror of Eve’s world – of being a homicide cop and having to look at the horrible. So two thumbs up for great characters, great storytelling and capping it all off with a beautiful wedding!

Legend of the Seeker

Richard and Kahlan are back! I have it sitting on my DVR and I will be watching it shortly as I hit the treadmill and make up for yesterday’s ten hour stint sitting in conference rooms, engorging my brain on back loading, power words and deep editing. Legend of the Seeker is based on Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. The first season watches like a novel, each episode opening into the next and while some fans didn’t care for the differences, I thoroughly enjoyed the high fantasy, the powerful romance and anytime Richard took off his shirt (okay so some of my enjoyment is baseless and shallow, but the man is ripped). Legend of the Seeker airs in syndication, so check your local networks or get a season pass to it on iTunes (it’s one way to support a show if you can’t watch commercials).

For a teaser: In the finale of season one, Richard “The Seeker” Cypher, unleashed the power of Orden to destroy his mortal enemy Rahl. But the greatest harm can come from our actions, even those with the best of intentions. The power that engulfed Rahl did so while he held Kahlan in his clutches, now Richard must save Kahlan and close the rift….

North Texas Two Step

A fantastic conference hosted by the North Texas Romance Writers of America chapter and I think DARA (Dallas Area Romance Authors), but I could be wrong on the latter. The conference met at the Embassy Suites, DFW in Irving (what a gorgeous hotel) and I arrived early, hooked up with some familiar faces and met, many many more including agent Melissa Jeglinski from The Knight Agency and Cori Deyoe from the Three Sees Agency. We had a great Q&A on the business, on agents, on what folks are looking for, so that I’ll cover another day.

What came next was a fantastic workshop hosted by Margie Lawson who uses psychology to help you get deeper into the heads of your characters, their settings and to describe the paralanguage (body language) that we take for granted. If you ever have a chance to go to one of Margie’s workshops and you’re a writer, I think you’ll discover a whole new world out there. Very eye opening.

Sadly, all good things must end and when the conference was over, I headed home – but not before agreeing to guest blog over at Nikki Duncan’s blog (more details on that later) and inviting the lovely Margie Lawson to share some ideas, tips and support for our NaNoWriMo writers. So be sure to check back on Tuesday, November 24 for Margie’s blog, I’m sure it will be wicked! (See, power word!)


Okay, I debated whether I wanted to tag anything about the remake here. But after discussing it yesterday, I thought I would say a little something-something. First and foremost, I adored the original. It sustained tension and kept ramping up the stakes all the way through the first mini-series and then delivered a power punch of action to the second. So remaking it seemed an interesting choice, it would be harder to sustain the tension when we already knew what the Visitors were, but like millions of others, I tuned in.

What I Liked
Anna. I adored Morena Baccarin as Anna. She’s definitely got some serious creepy going on.

What I Didn’t Like
Terrorist is the new Nazi. The idea of sleeper cells of Visitors, yeah – okay, but really?

What I Loved
Everyman Ryan Nichols. Morris Chestnut is Ryan, he’s tall, he’s good looking and he has plans to ask his girl to marry him, but the past won’t leave him alone.

What I Hated
The super fast reveals of some characters and what they are or where their allegiences lie. Dude, it’s not a race to the finish line.

Who I Cheered
Agent Erica Evans. Elizabeth Mitchell’s FBI counterterrorist is floored by the arrival of aliens, but she has a job to do and she keeps doing it.

Who I Boo’d
Her kid. But then, there was a douche bag of a kid in the first one.

Why I’ll Come Back
The characters. I like a lot of them. I love that it’s a who’s who of Sci Fi actors for the last decade, so I will definitely tune in for more characters and to see what happens.

What Will Make Me Tune Out
The Pacing. I get that this was a pilot and it was retooled and they are still finding their footing, but the pacing was giving me whiplash. Pick a speed.

Have a comment? A question? A thought? Post it below, I can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. RKCharron says:

    Hi Heather 🙂
    I'm glad your sister and her friend are okay.
    And that your fence was repaired.
    Yay for another installment of Eve & Roarke!
    I wish I could have attended that workshop with you – it sounded fun & very informative.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Love & Best Wishes,

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