Supernatural Saturday: Micah & Mrs. Miller Sneak Peek
September 1, 2012
NDulging Myself: Indulgent Blog Hop and Heroes
September 16, 2012

I survived August with three conferences, a water park trip and the back to school/dance madness that often ensues. I’ve got book releases behind me, book releases in front of me and the inability to slow down for fifteen minutes and just relax. So I thought I’d take a moment to let you see inside my mind to what I have planned for the next few months.

It’s okay–it’s not that scary in here.

In no particular order:

A Marine and a Gentleman (1Night Stand/Always a Marine)

This will be the second of the next five I have planned for that series. The Marine Cowboy is already complete and turned in. Other titles to be written include: A Few Good Marines, All Marine! All The Time, Seduced by a Marine and The Other Marine’s Girl.

I also have a special gift novella I am writing for November entitled This Marine’s Wedding and the followup to Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here is due to be released this fall.


I’ve turned on Out of the Shadows (#2 to Samhain). Next up on the writing schedule for this series is Waiting in the Wings.


Yesterday’s Heroes is due to be release on the 17th and book #2 is turned in, book #3 is on the writing blotter with the tentative title Deadly Genesis. These are my superhero romances featuring the Boomers (Bio-Mechanical Recon Unit) and you can meet these guys via my guest blog at The Naked Hero

The Forbidden Legacy

Hels’s Gauntlet was the third and final installment to focus on Jacob/Cassie/Hels. Next up is Vanagan’s Vendetta which will focus on the wizard Vanagan Marcus, his younger brother Jude and the mysterious woman Sovvan. Fun stuff!

The Fortunate Buddha

I just finished The Lady is a Thief and that will conclude this series as we discover the motive behind the thief’s quest for the Buddha and the story is brought full circle.

Fevered Hearts

Are you ready for some cowboys? Micah & Mrs. Miller will be out in just a few weeks and it’s time to start adding some bridge novellas between the larger books. On the writing blotter is a tale for Noah and his desire for a relationship with Lena (not titled yet) and A Fistful of Dreams – the fourth novel which focuses on Buck.

Urban Fantasy Update

For those of you who may remember my Chance Monroe series, these books will be re-released with new titles, updated story and much much more. First up is Earth Witches Aren’t Easy (retitled Prime Evil). Current target release is December!

New Series Updates

In addition to all of these, I have the following outlines open and ready to go:

Some Like It…(first book completed and out on submission, second in synopsis stage and ready to go)
Temptation Creek (paranormal, small town, cowboys, and menage)
Sweet Savannah Knights (Southern Gothic series)
Barton’s Pleasure Chest (Contemporary, BDSM)
Blood Lovers (Paranormal)
Wisdom Falls (Paranormal)

And that’s about it–I should be reviewing my writing schedule again come December…see, I told you my brain wasn’t scary.

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  1. No scary? Not scary? I'm exhausted (and impressed) just thinking about that list! And that doesn't include classes…

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