1night stand series

December 19, 2014

New #1NightStand #BoxSet Just in Time for the Holidays

Excited to share the new box set with you including 17 sizzling stories from the 1Night Stand series. My entry: The Two and the Proud is actually one of my favorite Marine pairings. I love stubborn, strong women and stubborn, strong men. Get ready for Rowdy and Kim. Amazon | All Romance | Barnes & Noble By popular request, Decadent Publishing takes great pride in presenting a second volume of some of our favorite stories from award winning authors in our 1Night Stand Series. Enjoy stories from the military romance of the fabulous Heather Long to the oh-so-sexy shifters of Rebecca […]
April 24, 2013

Trading Up with Mahalia Levey

Hmm, good food, hot romance and some sensory deprivation? Where do I sign up? I’ve never been a fan of those restaurants that invite you to eat in the dark–because by depriving you of sight, you enhance all your other senses. But after Trading Up–I may have to change my mind. Prepare yourselves and be sure to check out this hot new release from Mahalia Levey! I really had a great time writing another story for the 1NS series. I am totally hooked on writing them as well as reading what other authors are coming up with. In this story […]
February 19, 2013

Show & Tell: Frost by Taryn Kincaid

Frost Taryn Kincaid A 1Night Stand Story Sleepy Hollow – Book 3 Blurb: Dagney Night, a sought-after succubus, is no stranger to blazing sex. But as Valentine’s Day approaches, she longs for something more. When oddly erotic paintings arrive for display at her art gallery, arousing everyone who views them, she wonders about the mysterious artist created the works. Maxwell Raines, a fire-sex demon, lives a life of solitude and seclusion behind the walls of his compound at Sleepy Hollow, channeling his lustful impulses into his art – until his muse deserts him and his temperature rises past the danger […]
January 25, 2013

Release Day: The Two and the Proud (Always a Marine #8)

Good morning and happy Friday! I’m excited to announce the release of The Two and the Proud, the eighth installment in the Always a Marine anthology in 1Night Stand (1NS) line for Decadent Publishing.The best part of writing these stories is discovering how each of my Marines has a great story. Rowdy and Kim are both Marines, both with interesting histories and dedicated to their service to family, unit, and country.  While neither one is really looking for a happily ever after, they discover so much more in their night together. Have you ever wanted to have a connection to another person? […]
December 5, 2012

Falling in Love…True Romance Stories with Valerie Mann

In my latest 1Night Stand series release, First Comes Marriage, two lonely people have reached that point in their lives when they wonder where the time has gone and why haven’t they accomplished the most important goals for future happiness—finding someone to share their lives with, and have a family. Compared to some people, I have a fairly conventional romance story. Girl meets boy, boy is smitten, girl reels him in. Nothing too out of the ordinary. By the way, he’s still smitten and I continue to reel him in after three decades. Yay for enduring romance! Some of my […]