June 23, 2015

Seven more days before the wolves are loose! Are you ready to howl? #romwolf #99cents

Seven days and counting. Have you pre-ordered your copy of Romancing the Wolf? For a limited time these 10 sexy new reads by 10 authors is on sale for $0.99 sale ends soon, don’t miss your chance to read some of my favorite tales of the summer! Running with the Wolf (The Cascadia Wolves) by Gayle Donnelly Abram spends his days protecting the pack children, but he finds himself wanting more. The quiet, elusive kindergarten teacher has sparked a hunger inside him and he knows it won’t be satisfied unless he makes her his mate. When her past comes calling, […]
June 21, 2015

We’re stalking these wolves through the woods… #RomWolf #Excerpt @SarannaDeWylde

9 days until release and I have to admit, I’m positively bouncing with glee. I love every author in this anthology set. I love the stories, and most of all, I love wolves. So getting each author’s take, and the worlds they’ve constructed is like a passport to adventure. Are you ready to take trip through a wide variety of worlds with us? The Ardennes Curse (Woolven Secret) by Saranna DeWylde Victoria’s determined to free her people from the curse that forces them to become mindless, slavering terrors every full moon. Even if it means taking, Armand Rommulus, their new […]
May 7, 2015

Flashback! Wolf Claim – On Sale! #wolves #paranormalromance #Sale #99cents

Beams of sunlight raked through the clouds, offering a tentative promise of the end of four straight days of torrential downpours. Owen parked across the street and down a couple of houses from the Alpha’s place. Christina Tate, the house’s owner, glanced out her window. He raised his hand in greeting, then nodded to his truck. Though Mrs. Tate was one of the oldest wolves in the pack, and a natural submissive, Owen had no problem asking for her permission to leave his vehicle parked in front of her house—it was polite. Mason Clayborne’s driveway was full and three more […]