a year in review

December 13, 2013

New Year and Back Again: An Author’s Tale #MistletoeMadness

Can you believe 2013 is drawing to a close? I can’t. It feels like just yesterday we were counting down to close out 2012 and ring in 2013. In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be bidding 2013 farewell and dashing into the new year. It seems wildly appropriate to kick off this hop on Friday the 13th as we countdown to saying goodbye to 2013 (at least for me), as 13 is my favorite number. To honor the occasion, I wanted to share with you 13 things I am proud of this year. They are in no particular order: […]
July 3, 2013

A Year in Review 2012-2013

So on July 9, 2012, I wrote my year in review for 2011-2012 citing the changes in my writing regimen and what I accomplished for that year. It’s a few days early, but since I plan to take a few “writing” days off and finish catching up on edits (I’ve edited 7 books in the last two weeks), I thought we’d take a long look back at this last year. The titles in blue have been contracted, in red self-published and in black, still working on getting a home. By the way, this list is only for books I completed. […]
July 9, 2012

A Year In Review

So a little over a year ago, on July 5, 2011, I had just returned from RWA Nationals in New York, I was fresh and inspired and ready to get to work.  By ready to work, I meant I came home with the plan and the dedication that I was going to make writing books and getting published my priority. I still had two contract jobs, a daughter, a family, friends and animals–but writing every day would be my priority. At 4:30 a.m. on July 5th, I got up, made coffee and settled into my garage in what in the […]