bad moon rising

October 15, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Post Mortem – Bad Moon Rising

In which Damon and Elena go on another road trip, but this one does not have the same bonding effect as the first one.   Thanks to Damon’s compelling of the poor roadie/handyman character in the previous episode, Stefan and Damon are putting the clues together about the Lockwoods. Damon’s obsession is partly a distraction from the Katherine issue, but I do think it’s also about understanding potential threats to the Salvatores and to Mystic Falls.  Road Tripping to Duke Alaric, Damon and Elena head to Isabel’s office at Duke in order to check out her research.  According to Alaric, Isabel […]
August 6, 2009

Sherrilyn Kenyon Live (Book Giveaway)

As you can see from the tattoo on the left, I headed off to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon yesterday. She was visiting a Barnes and Noble in Dallas, about 35 minutes from the house. I didn’t know about Kenyon’s appearance until Donna from Fantasy Dreamer asked if anyone was going. I truly enjoy Sherrilyn Kenyon’s works, I think when I first started reading them they were fresh and original and an entirely different take on the typical vampire mythos. The stories also embraced Greek mythology for which I have a deep fondness. Ultimately, however, the true selling point was the fact […]