bad witch rising

October 13, 2013

Lucky 13 Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop: My Favorite Halloween Memory

I love autumn. Seriously, I do. Trick-or-treating is also one of those activities that I adored as a child for the fun of dressing up, racing through the dark with my friends, gathering candy and treats and then taking them home to be sorted. When I was a teen, I continued the tradition of dressing up so I could chaperone children I used to babysit for their trick or treating and yes, I scored candy, too. As an adult, I didn’t get to trick or treat as often, but I still did the dressing up because it was fun. When […]
September 28, 2013

Bad Witch Rising #MySexySaturday Sneak Peeks

“Jaime!” Where the hell was he? I ran for the truck. It didn’t provide much in the way of shelter, but it did have a shotgun. I jerked the thankfully unlocked door open and grabbed the weapon from the rack behind the seat. Bullets wouldn’t kill the vampire, but I don’t think even it could walk without knees. Or elbows. Double-checking the load, I snapped the gun shut and scanned the field. The thrashing sounds grew fainter until only the whiff of the breeze brushing the hay remained. Even the stench was gone. A rustle at the edge of the […]