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June 27, 2017

#TeaserTuesday : #SaddleUp and Go Behind the Scenes with #SemperFiCowboy

One of the best parts of working on Semper Fi Cowboy for me were all the horse scenes. I have loved horses for years. In fact, one of the first time I rode I was all of ten years old and I escaped from my uncle’s house in Stafford and went over to this beautiful field nearby with horses in it. There was grey gelding there with a loose halter on. If you got on his back, he’d take you for a trot along the sandy river, then back again. Most of the time he only let you have one […]
September 16, 2015

Writer Wednesday: Modern Heroines

I love a good heroine. I’ll grant you, I think sexy leading men are a real plus too, but if the heroine is a wishy-washy character, particularly when utilizing her viewpoint, then those typically turn me off. So let’s back up for a little history here. I started reading romances when I was about nine years old. My grandmother used to read them to me when I was much younger, but the very first time I read one on my own it was a novel by Penny Jordan called Escape from Desire, published in 1982. To this day, I remember […]
October 9, 2009

Go Behind the Scenes with Me

Did you go Behind the Scenes with me at NovelSpot last week? Here is part one for those of you who missed it. The Behind the Scenes is six parts long. So go behind the scenes with me, my novels and my aspirations. My first book, Remembering Ashby, came out in April of 2009. My second book, Prime Evil, is due out later this month. I have been writing my entire life. Writing is a great deal like breathing and I don’t know how to not write. First Novel My dream of becoming a novelist began when I was just […]