chris pine

June 5, 2017

It’s Just Another #ManCrushMonday! #WonderWoman #SteveTrevor

If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman, beware this post as there will likely be some spoilers. Not huge ones, but a few. I posted about Chris Pine in the Battle of the Chrises.  Today isn’t so much about Mr. Pine himself as the character he portrayed in Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor.  Last chance to turn away from the spoilers. For fans of the comics, Steve has always been the Lois Lane of Diana’s series. Her constant companion and sometimes love interest. Depending on the incarnation, he hasn’t always known her identities were one and the same, but let’s talk about […]
June 2, 2017

#FeminineMystiqueFriday Thank you #WonderWoman

For years, I’ve waited for a live action Wonder Woman. First it was the floated Joss Whedon script, then the possible live action Wonder Woman with Adrianne Palicki, then back to another live action film. Then DC witnessed the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they got the lead out. They launched Man of Steel, then followed it up with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad. I’m not going to spend a lot of time lauding or lampooning the efforts. What I am going to say is that DC succeeded where Marvel dropped the ball. Marvel […]
May 22, 2017

Let’s Celebrate #ManCandyMonday with a Little Battle of the Chrises!

This isn’t my first time weighing in on the Chris v Chris v Chris v Chris argument – Chris is a way popular name for some of Hollywood’s alpha heroes. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all involved in some wildly popular franchises and yes, they are all appealing. So let’s here it for the boys! The Eyes Have It They all have amazing eyes and I don’t think any of us would mind staring into those beautiful peepers. Sharp Dressed Men They can definitely rock a suit whether it’s a formal or casual occasion. Make Ours a Hero And of […]
June 9, 2012

This Means War

Who would you choose? When I first saw the previews for this movie I wanted to see it. Chris Pine is a new favorite ever since he played Kirk in the new Star Trek and Tom Hardy’s definitely got that hard edged sexy going for him.  Reese Witherspoon–well as the mini me says–it’s Elle, how can we not love her? I didn’t get a chance to see it, however, until this week and while a lot of critics panned this film–I loved it. It was the perfect blend of action movie badass and antics meets crazy romantic comedy.  Three scenes […]