January 12, 2010

Create a Character

One of the questions I hear frequently is how do I create my characters? Where do they come from? What inspired me? This is also the hardest question to answer because characters can come from anywhere. They can spring fully formed from my forehead like Athena did from Zeus or percolate in the foamy waves generated by my sea of imagination like Aphrodite or they can simply take shape over time, like a carefully worn path through the mountains that the river cuts relentlessly. Where Do Characters Come From? Ask any author where his or her characters come from and […]
December 23, 2009

So You Want to be a Deadly Spy?

Chuck is absolutely one of my favorite series. I adore the writing, the characters and the ability it has to have me laughing out loud in one moment and gasping in the next. Season three begins this January just a few days after season two comes out on DVD, season one is already available. The following clip is from the season two DVD release and I’m still giggling over it. Enjoy Adam Baldwin as Colonel John Casey in this Chuck season two DVD exclusive clip: John Casey Presents “So you want to be a deadly spy?”