June 28, 2017

Hey Partner, Let’s Talk About Cowboys #WesternWednesdays #PaperbackHeroes

The cowboy is one of my all time favorite heroes.  From the ranges of the old west to the deepest, darkest parts of space, the cowboy is a hero for the ages.   My love of cowboys was one of the reasons I started writing my Fevered Hearts, Space Cowboy, and now my Lone Star Leathernecks series. Grab your copy today! Cowboys have mystique that pervades the American culture. Their legendary status of the cowboy riding off into the sunset is as iconic as the days gone by of the old west where they rode.  Real cowboys did exist, their reputations […]
June 16, 2017

#1stLineFriday Burning for some Wild West hunks with a twist? I’ve got an alpha for that.  Meet the men of Fevered Hearts

Meet Sam Kane. The oldest brother, the steadfast son, the confidant marshal – he’s never met a problem to hot to handle. Grab yours! The white man blamed the Indians saying they used their mojo on them.The Indians blamed the white man saying they angered the spirits.The survivors know it doesn’t matter.Meet the fevered hearts, the men and women who survived spirit fever. Forever changed, these are their stories. Sam Kane is the oldest brother, the steadfast son and the confident marshal.  He’s never met a problem too hot to handle until a gang behind a string of robberies across […]
October 21, 2015

Writer Wednesday: No Such Thing as a Perfect Formula

Decades ago, I recall having a conversation with a creative writing teacher in high school. She looked down her nose at the books I had in my backpack (at any given time I carried four or five books because I used to devour them during the day) and I’d made the unforgiveable error of pulling out a Harlequin romance novel at the end of her class to read. This singular act earned her disdain—how could I read such tripe? Didn’t I know the books were formulaic? Beyond the fact that a teacher should never bag on a student for reading, […]
February 3, 2013

Kickstarter for A Fistful of Dreams

Good morning, can you believe it’s February already? I can’t. But here we are in February 2013 and we’re powering forward into spring.  Yesterday I finished a 5K graffiti run (I promise I didn’t run, I just power walked because running and my knee don’t agree) and it was a blast!  I have a lot of projects in the hopper including new releases from Samhain, more Marines and the highly anticipated new installment in the Fevered Hearts series. Friday, I launched a Kickstarter to help make A Fistful of Dreams a reality. A Fistful of Dreams is book #4 of the […]
October 2, 2012

Micah & Mrs Miller Release Day! It’s Here! It’s Here!

I want to tell you a secret. A little under a year ago, I released Marshal of Hel Dorado. It was an ambitious little project and a labor of love for me. You see, when I started writing it, I absolutely intended for it to be a novella, but then I met the Kane family and Scarlett’s brothers and something kind of magical happened…this whole world opened up.   Marshal of Hel Dorado released in October 2011, over Christmas that year, I wrote Cody’s story. Brave Are the Lonely added new dimensions to this world and filling it in with […]