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January 1, 2014

Spotlight: Mixing Mike by Megan Slayer

Zero, Ohio, where the temperatures might be below freezing but you can always melt the frost with smoking hot sex. For these two men, this record could be the soundtrack to their lives – if they’re willing to mix things up. Meticulous and organized, air traffic controller Mike Larson has every reason to be wary of mixing his passion for music with love. When Mike’s hunt to complete his Top 100 of the ‘80s list brings him to Vintage Vinyl, a shock of guyliner, dyed hair and flamboyant personality rocks his orderly world. Can he risk a step outside his […]
January 1, 2014

Spotlight: Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake

Home for the holidays… Sierra O’Brien and Carter Grove have a lot of history—and regrets between them. Their high school romance didn’t survive after he went away to college. Despite tremendous business success, Carter never found another woman like Sierra and has two failed marriages to prove it. Sierra’s luck wasn’t much better, but after being widowed, she heads back to Bliss to plan her future. The last thing either expected was to run into each other or to reconnect to the magic that once drew them together. Can Sierra and Carter make it work this time or are they […]
January 1, 2014

Spotlight & Giveaway: Sidelined Afterlife by Joya Fields

   Veronica Matthews hates her psychic-medium “gift”—being able to communicate with ghosts and dying people. All it’s ever brought her is pain and grief. When her neighbor Hunter Anderson, an ER doctor, realizes her talent, he begs her to help get rid of the ghost that’s been haunting him for two years and endangering his job. She’s torn. Her need to help the attractive man who saves peoples’ lives wars with her guilt over not being able to lead police to crime victims before they’re dead. She agrees to help Hunter.       They soon find out the ghost is likely to […]
September 20, 2013

My #FridayReads Pick: Resolutions by Teri Riggs

My #FridayReads pick! What readers are saying: “The action and suspense were nonstop.” & “I love the sexual tension between Eve and Mac. The hot, steamy Colombian jungle makes a great backdrop for a love story that begins with two ex-lovers on the run.”What I’m saying: It’s a tense, nail biter of a read. It’s got some serious violence and some twists and turns, and hot, stubborn characters that occasionally you wanted to smack their heads together. Looking for a great weekend read? This is it. Be warned: it contains a hard headed alpha male, an equally stubborn alpha female, some intense […]
August 20, 2013

Show & Tell Tuesday: Marry Me, I’m Irish by Joanne Kenrick

Life couldn’t be more perfect. Liz Grant has it all: a starring role in a major motion picture, a fabulous apartment central-London, and a great boyfriend who knows how to mix a mean cocktail and make her come with a flick of a switch. He works for Bell’s Irish Pub, so she gets free drinks, too! A surprise for St. Patrick’s day. There’s just one problem. Devlin Kinney wants to marry her. Like, now. And rip her away from her glamorous life. Why? So they can live happily ever after in a wee country cottage in the heart of Belfast, […]