dresden files

September 19, 2009

Books Turned Television Series

Sookie Stackhouse, Temperance Brennan, Serena va der Woodsen, Aaron Corbet, Richard Cypher, Vicki Nelson, Elena Gilbert and Harry Dresden all have something in common. They were characters in books long before they came to life on television. You’ll find that many of the characters we love on television and in the movies, we loved in books first. Seeking inspiration from the written word is hardly new. Great writing involves powerful visuals and emotional investment. Books also have a built in audience that is likely to tune into the television show. That same audience has preconceived notions about their characters, their […]
September 4, 2009

Friday Fictional Fairy Favorites

And now for something completely different, fairy, fae, Sidhe, faerie, faery and every other variation on how you spell it has always fascinated me. Perhaps because I grew up listening to my grandmother’s stories or because I remember listening to the rocks whisper to me when I was in England or because I hunted for faerie rings wherever I went. The knowledge of the Fae and Fairies always appealed to me. In the United States, however, our faeries are more spiritually based – at least I’ve always liked to think so. Indian spirits, animal spirits or spirit guides if you […]