erotic book junkies

August 16, 2009

Sunday Snips and Clips: Back to School

Can summer really be over here? Yes, yes it is. Yesterday morning, I took my daughter to orientation. She’s officially back to school tomorrow morning. While she is not thrilled, I am definitely looking forward to getting 8 full time hours back to myself every day. First up on my agenda: finish Hel’s Belle. So look for some updates on that. I’m also waiting on line edits for Prime Evil. I expect them any day now, I imagine that’s going to keep me pretty busy, too. It’s a great kind of busy in my book. Win Sookie Stackhouse Books Book […]
July 22, 2009

Spotlight On: Erotic Book Junkies

What a fantastic week so far, we talked to Sabrina at Cheeky Reads, Heather at Errant Dreams and today, we shine the spotlight on Christine who hosts Erotic Book Junkies and Romantic Crush Junkies. She’s also the Queen of Second Chances at the Royal Reviewers. I was fortunate to meet Christine through Facebook, we got started talking because my dog was hurt and she’s a fascinating woman and reviewer! How important is the blurb of the book to your impression of a book? With out the blurb all you have is a pretty face on an H-O-T cover that doesn’t […]