fairy tales

February 23, 2010

Elements of a Fairy Tale

A fairy tale begins with the proposition of romance. Whether the characters are a prince and a princess, a chef and a frog or a pair of naval aviators, each needs the other to save them. While fairy tales do not always emphasize the role each plays in saving the other, the couple in question is a potential savior and lover for each other. For example, in the classic fairy tales of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, the princes are saved by their love and attraction to the princesses in question. Cinderella’s prince faced a loveless match, a marriage forced on […]
December 12, 2009

Saturday Smackdown: Fairy Tale Style

In honor of The Princess and the Frog today, our Saturday Smackdown features two classic princesses that have inspired generations of girls for more than half a century each. Arguably, since both are based on classic fairytales that are centuries older than their animated counterparts, their influence is considerable on classic and modern romantic literature. Fairy Tales The beauty of a fairy tale is the transcendence from everyday life to a magical place or time where happily ever after is not only possible, it is required. As a culture, we love fairy tales; we love the idea of the underdog […]
September 4, 2009

Friday Fictional Fairy Favorites

And now for something completely different, fairy, fae, Sidhe, faerie, faery and every other variation on how you spell it has always fascinated me. Perhaps because I grew up listening to my grandmother’s stories or because I remember listening to the rocks whisper to me when I was in England or because I hunted for faerie rings wherever I went. The knowledge of the Fae and Fairies always appealed to me. In the United States, however, our faeries are more spiritually based – at least I’ve always liked to think so. Indian spirits, animal spirits or spirit guides if you […]