greek gods

July 25, 2012

Think Greek Week: Guest Blogger Sasha Summers and Her Love Affair with Greek Gods

I’m so excited to spread my love (almost an addiction, really) for the men of Olympus. And I do love the men of Olympus… deeply. I think it’s kind of easy to see why. Each of these guys radiate alpha male, of God-like proportions, in the most fantastic and mythic sense of the word. Now don’t ask me to pick a favorite, I can’t. Since my series, Loves of Olympus, started I’ve been working through them one by one – and have found something special and worthy in each one of them. I’m sharing those tidbits and some of my […]
July 23, 2012

Think Greek Week: Guest Blogger Saranna DeWylde

The Greeks used stories of their gods to relate to the world around them. Not only did they seem to explain the unexplainable, for instance, the rising of the sun was Apollo driving his great chariot across the sky, but they were also morality tales. The Greek gods were larger than life characters that were endowed with all too human emotions like anger and love. They fell into the same traps that mortals tend to create for themselves and didn’t always make the right choices. To humanize the gods, but set them against impossible odds was to highlight the humanity […]