harry dresden

December 2, 2011

Daily Dose Holiday Giveaway: Harry! The Herald Angel Sings!

ETA: This giveaway is now closed. Winning nomination: Jagx101 Can it really be nearly twelve years since the first Harry Dresden novel was released?  Storm Front was such an amazingly fresh and fun take on wizards, urban fantasy and trying to get the job done when you have people waiting for you to fail, literally on every side.  Written by Jim Butcher, Dresden was different.  He was part hero, part goof, part badass and part boy next door (if you lived next door to a dragon), but he was also the son of a magician and he had loved his […]
October 22, 2009

Harry Dresden Broke my CD Player

You know the adage; sometimes life is stranger than fiction? Well, I have a little story to share that continues to support this idea. Since early September, I have been working on a contract that takes me to downtown. The drive from my house to my contract is roughly 50 minutes without traffic and closer to an hour and fifteen and sometimes over 90 minutes in traffic. I pass the time with books on CD or books on my iPod. Both are effective entertainment and are helping me whittle down my TBR list (well not really, but I am enjoying […]
September 18, 2009

Angst for the Memories

In German and Dutch, angst means fear or anxiety. In English, angst has come to mean emotional strife. It is most keenly associated with teenagers (teenage angst). But angst itself is a powerful motivator in fiction whether we are talking about teenagers, adults, fantasy or romance. For a writer, angst is the obstacle to be overcome in their hero or heroine’s journey. For the reader, angst generates empathy and sympathy. You want the characters you are rooting for to overcome their angst whether it is coming from an internal or external source. In the Buffy episode Lover’s Walk, all the […]