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December 18, 2015

Heather Long #Holiday #Giveaway Holiday Musings by @TamiLundAuthor #eBooks #Win

Here’s the thing about Christmas: each and every year, it comes around at just the right moment. It’s that time of year when we’re wrapping up things at work, wondering if you’re going to get an end-of-year bonus, probably starting to think about taxes and whether there’s anything at all you can do in these last few weeks to ensure you don’t pay out the nose. The days are stupid short; if you work a day job, you probably haven’t seen the sun in a month. Disclaimer! This is all assuming you live in the Western hemisphere. If you’re in […]
December 15, 2015

Heather Long #Holiday #Giveaway Spotlight on Trancing the Tiger by @RachaelSlate #eBooks #Win

Delve into a world steeped in tradition and superstition After her parents become infected with the Red Death, Lucy Yeoh flees to Malaysia seeking answers. Everything in this closed-off section of the world is paradise—from the lush tropical climate to her sexy new neighbor, Sheng…who just might be delusional. He claims the Plague God unleashed the Red Death and only a circle of Chinese Zodiac spirit animals can cleanse the Earth. Even more, he insists she’s one of them: the Rabbit. Long furry ears and fluffy bunny tail included. He’ll show her how to fight to save the world As […]
December 14, 2015

Heather Long #Holiday #Giveaway Fresh from @Sabrina_York – #Recipe Baby, Ring my Bell Cookies #Foodie #Excerpt

Happy Holidays all and welcome to Heather’s Party!  Sabrina York’s Baby, Ring My Bell Cookies Ingredients Cookie Dough 3 cups flour ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 1teaspoon ground ginger ½ teaspoon instant coffee powder 1cup butter at room temperature 1 ¼  cup brown sugar ¼ cup dark corn syrup 1 egg 1 teaspoon cream Maraschino cherries, cut in half Filling 1/3 cup brown sugar 2 Tablespoons melted butter ¼ cup maraschino cherry juice 1 ½ cup ground pecans Directions 1.     Sift flour, baking soda, salt, ground ginger and instant coffee powder in a small bowl. 2.     Cream room temperature butter with […]
December 12, 2015

Heather Long #Holiday #Giveaway : Dreaming of a Perfect Gift with @MerrynDexter

I’ve already got the perfect gift for the holidays this year. My debut novel – A Mate’s Healing Touch was published yesterday. I’m still in shock and I want to thank Heather and the rest of the fabulous team at Decadent Publishing for helping me realize my dream. Kindle | Kobo | iBooks | ARe When I was younger, Christmas was a time of excitement and wonder. Presents, food, spending time with family. My father was in the Armed Forces, so we lived in lots of different places. Our wider family was often a long way away. My best memories are waking up on Christmas morning […]
December 11, 2015

Heather Long #Holiday #Giveaway No Bake Cookies with @TL_Reeve #Foodie #Recipe

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Mele Kalikimaka! Joyeux Noel! Happy Hanukah! I love Christmas. Even though there have been years where money was short or things didn’t always go as planned, we still spent the day together. We watched football and parades and cartoons. We ate turkey dinner and just had an all-around good day. Kindle Most of the time, prepping for Christmas started a week before. Between banana nut bread and no bake cookies, our house smelled like a bakery. I remember one year we got carried away. We went on a baking extravaganza. We made rum cheese cake, fudge, […]