April 30, 2010

Still Crazy after All These Years

Some of the best characters in books and television are crazy – zany, off the wall, batnuts crazy! These characters are vivid, bright and leap off the page or the screen. They are not often the center of the story, but they dominate their time center stage, stage left, stage right and from time to time – even behind the scenes. So who are these crazy kooks that I love so much? Dr. Walter Bishop, Fringe Say what you want about the show Fringe (Fringe: The Complete First Season) and I can say plenty, Walter Bishop is one of the […]
March 25, 2010

A Few Good Men

After an achingly long six weeks, The Vampire Diaries returns tonight with new episodes. Tonight’s is dubbed “A Few Good Men” and in the blurb about the episode, we learn that Damon will be participating in an auction of Mystic Falls most eligible bachelors. Damon, of course, is grieving for having been so devoted to Katherine and retrieving her from the tomb for more than 142 years only to find out not only has Katherine not been in that tomb, she’s been out and didn’t care where Damon was. So now, Damon’s entire goal of existence has been yanked out […]
January 12, 2010

Create a Character

One of the questions I hear frequently is how do I create my characters? Where do they come from? What inspired me? This is also the hardest question to answer because characters can come from anywhere. They can spring fully formed from my forehead like Athena did from Zeus or percolate in the foamy waves generated by my sea of imagination like Aphrodite or they can simply take shape over time, like a carefully worn path through the mountains that the river cuts relentlessly. Where Do Characters Come From? Ask any author where his or her characters come from and […]