kym roberts

April 11, 2011


I’m not a person who likes to pay to cry. I am purely a kick-butt and laugh movie watcher. However, I am a huge sucker for a story of surviving against the odds. Victims have always inspired me with their pure instinct of survival. This weekend I took my daughter to see Soul Surfer. The story of Bethany Hamilton, a sixteen year old amateur surfer who fought back with faith after a near fatal shark attack that left her with only one arm. Bethany’s story goes beyond survival—she conquered. Fears, doubts, and physical adversity were left behind to be sucked […]
August 30, 2010

911: Help My Story Needs the Real Police!

We all have specialties in life. And then there are specialties within the specialties.  In police departments there are street cops, tactical officers, detectives, investigators, instructors, media officers-the list goes on and on depending on what department you’re talking about.  They have ranks:  Officer, Master Officer, Master Detective, Corporal, Lieutenant, Detective, Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Captain, Major, Colonel, Deputy Chief, Lieutenant Chief, and Chief.  Then you have all those acronyms for different fields, DEA, DEU, DV, SVU, SNU, IAD, FAU, CSI just to name a few.  Don’t even get me started on ranks and acronyms for government agencies. When you start […]