love you to death

November 12, 2009

Through Love Struck Glasses

I love to read romance to see the hero or the heroine through the love truck gaze of their partner. Romance. Passion. Sizzle. Smoking hot bods. Ripped abdominals. Gentle eyes. Hard jaws. The hot guys of romance all share one thing in common – they’re good-looking charmers who are ardent protectors of the ladies in their lives. Reading Shannon K. Butcher’s Love You to Death I am reminded of why I love to read romance – and it is not just for the hot guys, but they don’t hurt. Eyes of Love In Love You to Death, Elise is terrified […]
September 29, 2009

Shannon K. Butcher – Love You to Death

Please join me in welcoming author Shannon K. Butcher to the Daily Dose to celebrate her newest release: Love You to Death. The novel takes Butcher fans to a new place as she explores romantic suspense. So kick back, grab your coffee and enjoy our little question and answer session. Tell us a little about Love You To Death? Is this a paranormal romance or a nitty, gritty crime drama/romance? LYTD is a romantic suspense, and possibly the creepiest stuff I’ve ever written. It’s about a woman whose sister has gone missing. No one believes Ashley’s disappearance is anything sinister, […]