lynsay sands

January 18, 2011

Five Fabulous Questions with Lynsay Sands

Hungry for You Lynsay Sands is the multi-talented author behind the Argeneau Vampire series and much, much more.  I’ve been hearing about Lynsay for years, but (and much to my own chagrin), I just hadn’t picked up her books to read them.  So over the holidays, I received a gift card to Barnes and Noble and while I was out perusing the shelves, trying to decide what I would read in my “free time,” I spotted those Lynsay Sands novels. It seemed like the perfect time.  So I picked up Bite Me if You Can and A Bite to Remember.  […]
July 8, 2010

Mad About Romance: Lynsay Sands

Author Lynsay Sands isn’t “just another vampire” author, in fact, in her Argeneau series, despite vampiric tendencies, the characters will remind you that they are not vampires at all. In fact, in a fun twist, they are the children of Atlantis, descendents of the final survivors who used nano technology to ward off disease and extend their lives – making them immortal. Another great thing about Sands’ books is she’s not above poking fun at the ‘stereotype’. Vampires are old world and don’t change? Her hero runs the number one online game about vampires. Vampires can turn anyone? Not these […]