mancandy monday

May 22, 2017

Let’s Celebrate #ManCandyMonday with a Little Battle of the Chrises!

This isn’t my first time weighing in on the Chris v Chris v Chris v Chris argument – Chris is a way popular name for some of Hollywood’s alpha heroes. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all involved in some wildly popular franchises and yes, they are all appealing. So let’s here it for the boys! The Eyes Have It They all have amazing eyes and I don’t think any of us would mind staring into those beautiful peepers. Sharp Dressed Men They can definitely rock a suit whether it’s a formal or casual occasion. Make Ours a Hero And of […]
May 8, 2017

Make Mine a #ManCandyMonday Yes Please, and Thank You

I love #ManCandyMonday – see what I did there? I do love Mondays, too because it’s usually the day everyone heads out to jobs and school, leaving me the house to get into my work! So let’s get started! I’m celebrating the release of When Danger Bites today! Hot alpha males? Check Hot shifter action? Check Strong heroine? Check Are you ready to #GetBitten?