passionate love story

July 3, 2009

Sexy Superheroes – A Passionate Love Story

Today’s passionate love story looks at a pair of sexy superheroes: the Green Arrow and Black Canary. DC Comics characters Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are a well-matched couple who’s passionate love affair spans decades. Originally they met during a crossover story between two Earths. When Dinah’s husband was killed, Dinah Drake Lance moved from Earth 2 to Earth 1 where she and Oliver Queen eventually began a tempestuous affair. Sexy Superheroes in Love In the 1970s, when Oliver’s ward Roy Harper struggled with a heroin addiction, it was Dinah who was there. When Ollie lost his fortune, Dinah was […]
July 2, 2009

Romantic Comedy Passion

The romantic comedy is truly a treasure in films and in literature. It takes the idea of man and woman falling in love, adds obstacles, humor and mishaps to create a story that will make you laugh and cry, over and over again. As I sat down to write today’s passionate love stories, I found myself torn between so many different fantastic movies: romantic comedies all of them. I was able to find clips for some and not for others. But I invite you to pull up a chair, kick back and enjoy these wonderful, romantic comedy couples and the […]
July 1, 2009

Passionate in Death

Today’s passionate love story routine is going on an odyssey of sorts. We’re going right to the book shelves to an author you might have heard of: J.D. Robb and her in Death series. I count this series among my all time favorites for the pacing, the plotting, the scenes and the characters. Oh, the characters, the wonderful, vibrant characters who leap off the page and into our hearts. In November, J.D. Robb or as she is known to the rest of the world Nora Roberts, will release her 30th ‘in Death’ book. What makes in Death stand out so […]
June 29, 2009

Southern Comfort

Welcome to a little southern comfort as we continue our exploration of passionate love stories this week. Today’s passionate love story involves Margaret Mitchell’s unorthodox, though now classic romance between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler set against the backdrop of the Civil War, a turbulent coming of age for the spoiled and pampered Scarlett as she struggles to find love and survival as her world crumbles around her. Southern Comfort From the first words Margaret Mitchell wrote in her 1936 novel, you knew that you found something that defied conventions: Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it […]
June 29, 2009

Passionate Love Stories

What are the ingredients necessary for a passionate love story? A tragic hero who carries the weight of the world on his shoulder? A heroine strong enough to bear the burden? Intelligence? Wit? Charm? What about the ability to meet the other on a level playing field? They can come from different worlds, different social strata — even completely different cultures if they can cross bridges with one aspect of their relationship? This week the Daily Dose is going to focus on passionate love stories in literature — all forms from comics to chick lit to supernatural and paranormal romance […]