April 7, 2013

Always a Marine Anniversary Party! Building the Series from Scratch

Today is the day…one year ago today, Once Her Man, Always Her Man released. Of course, it wasn’t written a year ago today, in fact, it was written over Thanksgiving weekend 2011. I started it Black Friday and finished the first draft by Sunday morning. I fired it off to my two crit partners and to the woman who nudged me into writing it, tweaked the manuscript and submitted it. Amazingly enough, thirty-three minutes later, I had an email back from the submissions editor and the rest…well…that’s the series for you. The Birth of the Idea The actual idea to […]
July 5, 2012

1NS Blog Hop: Always a Marine

Welcome to your Always a Marine blog hop.  This sub-series kicked off in early April and the fifth book released on Tuesday, July 3rd.  With stories that include second chances at love, a menage to feel alive, and a fantasy come true and more, Always a Marine is very close to my heart. For a chance to win any one of the books listed here, leave a comment about your favorite type of military romance and heroes. About the Marine Corp This truism is now the official motto of the Marine Corps League. The origin of the statement is credited […]