pure science fiction

October 24, 2009

5 Reasons to Watch FlashForward

Having finally caught up on my shows after our vacation last month (yes it took four weeks to catch up), I am totally hooked on the new ABC drama FlashForward, in part because I finally connected it in my mind with the novel by Robert J. Sawyer that I read more than a decade ago. Eerily enough, the novel is set in 2009, so the series launching this year is highly appropriate. While purists will point out all the ways the book and the television series are different (and yes, they are tremendously different), it is the reasons they are […]
September 7, 2009

Shelf Wars: Science Fiction and Fantasy Strike Back

My husband and I share similar tastes in books. Granted, he likes some authors that I just can’t get into and vice versa. But our last few trips to the bookstore haven’t been fruitful for him. Why? Because the plethora of urban fantasy and paranormal romance seem to have staged a coup on the science fiction and fantasy shelves of the bookstore. This is not to slight these wonderful books, not at all. For I am a huge fan not only of reading them, but of writing them. But my husband is floundering his way through the section looking for […]