June 12, 2017

Home from #RAGT17. Need a little #MotivationMonday? Me too…

Photo bombs for the win! I just spent the last four days at #RAGT17, and I had an amazing time. One of the best parts of being an author is getting to hang out with readers and authors. You have to remember, most authors (myself included) were readers before we we were authors. My love of reading serves as one of the primary drives behind my writing books. I had a blast at the signing! So. Many. People. And everyone smiling and laughing! Books! Books! Books! I got to meet so many awesome peeps, old friends and new! Photobomb for […]
June 23, 2010

Book Clubs and Readers

Book clubs remind writers why we write – for the readers. Some writers begin writing because they have a story to tell or a story that is bursting to get out. Some writers begin because they are inspired by a story they loved or, conversely, by a story they hated. Every writer begins their race down the rabbit hole from somewhere, but once we’re down there, we’re writing for the readers. Discovering Your Audience A book club meets twice a month at my local bookstore. The group is boisterous, fun and very well read. Book references bounce around the circle […]