January 15, 2014

Counting it down to Runaway Groom : Seven Small Town Truths

Life is simple in a small town. There are some things that we understand, though, that perhaps aren’t universal. 7. The carpet rolls up at nine. No, seriously, like EVERYTHING is closed at about nine pm. I remember when we first moved out to Ashtabula county, Ohio, my older brother and I went out into the street and laid right down on the middle line of Main Street. NOTHING HIT US. There weren’t any cars. Then again, it was ten pm, so… 6. The restaurants are all PACKED at noon on Sunday. Whether it is the bar crowd from Saturday […]
January 14, 2014

Counting it down to Runaway Groom : Eight Redneckified Fixes

Folks in my small town tend to make do quite a bit. Why go out and buy something fancy when you can simply fix it with things you have laying around? That said, here are Eight Sure-Fire Fixes that I have tried and love.  8. Pepsicola will fix everything. We don’t drink pop in my house, not usually. We do however use it for quite a few things. Did you know that you can dump a can of pop in your toilet and wait a bit and flush and it cleans it sparkly clean? Also great for road haze, that […]