January 10, 2012

I Am a Research Junkie

I am a research junkie. I freely admit that I can pull up a browser, type in a key phrase about something I want to know, let’s say — recipes for low fat chili cheese dogs – and Google will return something like one million results.  One million.   Most of the first page will include recipes, videos and suggestions that are all related to chili cheese dogs (some low fat, some not) and this is precisely what I’m searching for, I can get the info I need and get back to work. Now let’s say the topic of wine […]
August 30, 2010

911: Help My Story Needs the Real Police!

We all have specialties in life. And then there are specialties within the specialties.  In police departments there are street cops, tactical officers, detectives, investigators, instructors, media officers-the list goes on and on depending on what department you’re talking about.  They have ranks:  Officer, Master Officer, Master Detective, Corporal, Lieutenant, Detective, Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Captain, Major, Colonel, Deputy Chief, Lieutenant Chief, and Chief.  Then you have all those acronyms for different fields, DEA, DEU, DV, SVU, SNU, IAD, FAU, CSI just to name a few.  Don’t even get me started on ranks and acronyms for government agencies. When you start […]
March 4, 2010

Research is Best, Put Your Writing to the Test

Research. It’s a fantastic word. It’s a fantastic job. I remember when I was in school, every kid in the class groaned when the teacher would write research paper on the blackboard. But not me. Nope, I was that kid who grinned from ear to ear, wrote it down and any notes that went with it. I was the kid who went to the library and wrote an annotated research paper for extra credit. Why? Because I love research. Committed to Lifelong Learning Most of the authors I know are committed to lifelong learning. We don’t turn down new experiences. […]