robyn peterman

October 27, 2016

How to Be a Bad Girl with @CherieMarks #TeachHerThursday #MagicMayhem

Buy Now! I know exactly how to be a bad girl: 1. Be born that way 2. Have notorious parent 3. Be real witch to everyone. But, I’ve got to be good now because in between teaching Chemistry at the local high school in Assjacket, West Virgina, I have to save all humanity from the forces of evil and…blah…blah…blah…keep the Halloweeneedtokissourassesgoodbye apocalypse from happening. With the help of an off-the-charts, smoking hawt instructor/boss, I might just have a fighting chance—if I can stop drooling over his naked chest. Dane Calvin agreed to teach me how to use my abilities responsibly, […]
October 25, 2016

Vampire, rabbits and wolves….oh crap! It’s time for a #RealityShift #MagicMayhemWorld with @HildieMcQueen

Buy Now! Vampire, rabbits and wolves….oh crap. When Jill James agrees to help the troublesome wolf shifter twins film a reality show, the last thing she expects is to end up in the middle of bat crap crazy chain of events. Okay so maybe ending up naked on the kitchen floor with a hunky vampire is not exactly that bad. However, the real question is why does Jill end up kidnapped and tied up with a rabbit shifter afterwards? Discover more H.M. Queen! Discover More Great Tales in the Magic & Mayhem World Witchin’ Hard by Claudy Conn The Witch […]
October 24, 2016

#ManicMondays are Witchin’ Hard with @ClaudyConn in the #MagicMayhemWorld

Buy Now Relying on Zelda to heal Kallem, Dilly is swept up into the raging battle threatening her family and her realm. And then—the unthinkable. The love of her life, Kallem, has betrayed her! Her heart is breaking, but, with her world literally about to fall apart, she can’t take a ‘time out’. If she doesn’t do something soon, her realm will implode, and if it does, it will take down the Human and Fae Worlds as well. She is the ‘key’ and it is up to her to find a solution. Will she in time? Find out more about […]
October 23, 2016

Witch Please! Take Time for a Sunday #SkinnyDip with @WriterDeanna #MagicMayhemWorld

Buy now! Vacationing in Asscrack, WV isn’t Ida May’s idea of a good time… until she ends up skinny dipping with a growly wolf shifter and a badass ghost rider.  Plucked from the Louisiana bayou, Ida May once again finds herself summoned to Assjacket, WV. Only this time she’s brought a friend… the sexy ghost rider she’s been sort of dating. Now she’s not only dealing with a curse that could send her to hell, she’s also caught in a sticky love triangle with two hot men. Her mission: save herself, her ex-lover, and her heart without anyone getting hurt. […]
October 22, 2016

Make it a #SupernaturalSaturday with the Once and Future #BabaYaga #MagicMayhemWorld and @scifiwoman13

Buy Now! To Baba Yaga or not to Baba Yaga? That was the big question.Too bad no one knew the answer. Carol and Hildy were being tested, but evidently so was she. She was still the Jezibaba, yet all she could do was watch and worry while two people she deeply cared about went to meet their fate. What if that fate meant fighting demons? What would happen to all of them if the Chosen Ones failed? Morgana was threatening to make her immortal. That was definitely not a good sign.As if the whole Baba Yaga thing wasn’t trouble enough, […]