romantic suspense

December 10, 2013

My Favorite Heist Movies with Libby Waterford

There’s something undeniably sexy about sneaking around at night, usually in some exotic locale, doing something illicit, trying not to get caught. Cat burglars and art thieves tend to get glamorized in the movies, when in reality stealing people’s jewels and art is a terrible crime. But it can be fun to pretend. When it comes to glamour, no one tops Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. To Catch a Thief may not be Hitchcock’s masterpiece, but it is full of entertaining banter between two of the most attractive people ever to seduce one another on the French Riviera. The original […]
March 23, 2013

Sexy Saturday: The Lady is a Thief

One Thief… Wealthy, titled, and very privileged, Lady Katherine Hardwicke successfully eluded some of the best thieves in the world in a quest to obtain the Fortunate Buddha. Her time is running out and her enemies are closing in, and one deliciously enigmatic man seems determined to get in her way. Will he save her or end her quest forever? One Hunt… Jarod Parker wears many faces and lies for a living, but when the same thief steals the Buddha out from beneath his agents not once but twice, this handler returns to the field. His target? The last woman […]
July 17, 2012

Hot New Release: The Taming of the Thief

One treasure… Some would kill to know what Sophie Kingston knows. Rich and powerful people will do anything to possess the secret, but not even Sophie realizes how much danger she is in—or how far they will go to hunt her down and take it from her.  But when she sees a murder no one can prove, the threats to her life keep coming. One Hunt… Billionaire Pietr Sauvage is neck deep in the hunt for The Fortunate Buddha when a lead draws him to New York and thrusts him into the life of art history specialist Sophie.  What began […]
May 1, 2012

Get The Love Thieves for a Steal

The Love Thieves For 24 hours only, The Love Thieves is free on Amazon Kindle.  Head over to get your free copy of the book readers are calling: “… a delicious thrill ride…” “…adventure in their race style romance.” “…an excellent romantic thriller.” “…a rocky, wild relationship that spans over time and through many different exotic locations…” Get your copy today! You can read the first chapter at Heather’s website.
April 17, 2012

New Release: The Love Thieves

In the mood for a sexy, adventurous romantic suspense. Set in Morocco, London and Switzerland, The Love Thieves takes Anya and Max on a powerful journey full of passion and chemistry that sparks on the page from their first dance to their last. Maxwell Sauvage was born into a life of privilege…and boredom. As a “security consultant” to the powerful, he enjoys pitting his wits against the most intricate of security systems for business and pleasure. Anya Swift is a woman with high-class tastes and a high-octane need for adventure. As an operative for International Art and Antiquities Recovery she stays […]