January 29, 2016

Don’t Miss the Epic Conclusion to Murder in Los Lobos! #BlackHills #Wolves #ScentofMadness

Kindle | Kobo | iBooks | ARe While their Alpha fights to survive, an elusive killer hunts among their pack, slaying humans and the wolves who mated them. The Enforcer’s rigid rule and terse attitude have everyone uneasy. On the hunt for madness, he may lose everything… Ryker continues to hunt for the elusive murderer. The others have eliminated several suspects, but tensions in the Black Hills have never been higher. For all of his experience in hunting and dealing with the wolves, Ryker has never found himself torn between two loves before—to be the killer he is, means he […]
September 25, 2015

The #BlackHills are Alive….with the Sound of Mating #BlogHunt #Giveaway #FreeShortRead

I’ve lived in the Black Hills all my life. Never left, even when the Alpha went insane and tried to carry the pack down with him, I remained. I’m a boogeyman, a monster, the one face in the pack you don’t want to see coming for you—but I will give my heart’s blood to keep them safe. I know all the secrets. I know why every Wolf left. More, I know why they come home. When Magnum wanted his son gone, I took him at his word—the literal word, and I sent Drew away. When Magnum wanted no one to […]