saturday smackdown

February 19, 2011

Saturday Smackdown: Beckett versus Dallas

Literary cops are an enticing breed! Two years ago when Castle debuted, I took one look at the then very shorthaired Stana Katic (actress who portrays Kate Beckett on Castle) and thought Eve Dallas! She was long-legged, rangy, tough and didn’t put up with bull. Like Eve, she had tragedy in her background, being a cop is ingrained into the fabric of her identity and she doesn’t have a lot of patience for fools. The cops that surround them are very much apart of the story as the cases they solve. Castle Of course, Beckett has Castle and Eve has […]
February 13, 2011

Saturday Smackdown: Vishous versus Reyes

This week’s Saturday Smackdown is brought to you courtesy of Ruthie who suggested our contestants!  So without further ado, allow me to introduce our contenders. In this corner, we have…  Lover Unbound Vishous by J.R. Ward Vishous is considered one of the most intelligent of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and he bears the ability to see the future, although he doesn’t know “when” the events he sees will happen.  He is often tortured by his inability to save those he loves.  Vishous also requires a certain amount of pain to feel pleasure.  Vishous is notable for the tattoos on his […]
January 22, 2011

Saturday Smackdown – Vampires versus Werewolves

Season 2 It’s the return of the Saturday Smackdown and our inaugural match of the year (don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you have smackdowns you want to see in the future). In the meanwhile, today’s smackdown takes on my favorite vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore versus their new nemesis, the werewolves. Vampires versus werewolves is hardly a new item in the genre, where you have vampires, you typically have wolves and both are heroes that bite. But what happens when they put the bite on each other? Juicy stories galore! Great Vampire versus Werewolf Tales Love […]
August 15, 2010

Saturday Smackdown: The Action Hero

My husband and I headed out for one of those rare date evenings and saw the new Sylvester Stallone film: The Expendables. We’ve been seeing previews about this flick for weeks and considering the cast Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Stathem, Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts and a couple of guest appearances by Bruce Willis and the Governor himself, it has been on our must see list for all of that time. Not sure what The Expendables is? Check out this preview and then scroll on down for more. Can I just say damn? As films go, The Expendables was 100% […]
June 19, 2010

Saturday Smackdown: Sookie Stackhouse versus Elena Gilbert

Okay, you had to know this was coming. If we were talking the novels straight up, I’d have to go for Sookie all the way. But in their respective series Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are different enough to make this an interesting match up. So let’s break it down. Comment on your pick for this week’s smackdown and remember, everyone who comments is entered in a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to Amazon this week! Sookie Stackhouse True Blood’s Sookie has not had an easy time of it. She’s been stalked by a serial killer, nearly […]