second chances

January 27, 2015

Second Chance at Romance #Movies

The second chance at romance is a popular trope, and I have to admit, one of my favorites as well. It’s pretty straightforward, a couple either missed their first opportunity or blew it because something came between them. When they get a second chance, they have to not only confront what tore them apart but find a way to repair the damage. In some ways, a second chance at romance is even more romantic to me than the first–because they have to accept the flaws and overcome the obstacles that tore them apart in order to not only achieve happiness, […]
January 1, 2014

Spotlight: Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake

Home for the holidays… Sierra O’Brien and Carter Grove have a lot of history—and regrets between them. Their high school romance didn’t survive after he went away to college. Despite tremendous business success, Carter never found another woman like Sierra and has two failed marriages to prove it. Sierra’s luck wasn’t much better, but after being widowed, she heads back to Bliss to plan her future. The last thing either expected was to run into each other or to reconnect to the magic that once drew them together. Can Sierra and Carter make it work this time or are they […]
February 7, 2013

Guest Author & Giveaway: Heather Lire

Why I love romance… Someone recently asked me why I loved the romance genre so much. I honestly didn’t have an answer for him other than to tell him because it was what was available at my local library twenty something years ago when I practically lived there. In fact I can tell you it was Victoria Holt and her dark, gothic romance that started it all for me. After reading all of hers I moved on to Kathleen Woodiwess and from there it was Johanna Lindsey’s Brave the Wild Winds, which to a sheltered fourteen year old was quite […]
August 14, 2009

Tomorrow and Today with Christle Gray

For me, the idea of Tomorrow is one that is both terrifying and comforting. Comforting, because it embodies hope. Whatever you don’t accomplish today, you can always do Tomorrow. It’s the promise of second chances and fulfilled dreams. Of new beginnings and fresh starts. Tomorrow lets us always have the capacity to make right something that’s gone wrong or to fix something we think broken. But Tomorrow is a double edged sword, that also can terrify. It’s filled with uncertainty, a day of flux and change. Technically, it’s a day that never truly exists, because once it’s here, it’s Today. […]