sexy shorts

August 6, 2013

Show & Tell Tuesday: Jack, Jewels, and Junior by Jennifer Labelle

After six months with the man she adores, Angel Martinez has a sexy anniversary night planned. If everything goes her way, their bedroom fantasies will be played out with the help of Jack, Jewels, and Junior, new toys she bought just for the occasion. Brody Cahill comes home from work expecting an empty apartment and a date with a TV dinner. Instead he’s greeted to the delightful sight of his girlfriend waiting for him, and in the buff no less. Forget dinner, Angel is on his menu! The night takes a delectable twist, “J” becomes his favorite letter of the […]
March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Once Her Man, Always Her Man

Releasing this April is the first of five sexy 1Night Stand’s in the Always a Marine subseries.  First up is recapturing a first love in the battle plans of Captain Luke Dexter and his high school sweetheart Rebecca Ranier or is one night just too little too late for this passionate couple? The valet probably hadn’t even parked his car yet. The coward’s way out. Luke Dexter wasn’t a coward. Not anymore. He glanced back at the all-too-knowing text message. Life doesn’t always offer a second chance….